In this FAQ we’ve extensively answered questions raised following our first Community Retrospective of 2023.

1 05, 2023

How can players contribute to a positive environment off-server, and a collaborative, fun environment on-server?

2023-05-01T16:53:39-06:00May 1st, 2023|

Whether on staff, a die-hard daily player, or a casual dabbler, your engagement and participation in Discord and on server are huge contributions! Doing your best to tell stories together and follow the rules is really all it takes to have a significant positive impact. Here are some specific options you have in your tool belt if you want to go above and beyond! Host an event on server!  GTA Events Channel RDR Events Channel RDR Poster Submissions: Open a ticket for RDR, select “Character Request,” then “Poster Request.” Submit your .PNG Request Ambassador support: Open a ticket for your

1 05, 2023

Why should I play on TRP?

2023-05-01T16:47:09-06:00May 1st, 2023|

TRP is a community that prioritizes player safety, inclusivity, collaborative storytelling, and fun on lore-friendly RP servers. At present this included a RedM and FiveM server.  Our moderation teams are highly engaged in the community on and off server; our development teams are active and passionate. We offer confidential player reporting systems, unique development features, and tools to support player safety. At the end of the day, you should play where you have fun! If TRP sounds like your jam, here's some good starting points to dive in at: Consent and Safety Guide GTA Server Rules RDR Server Rules  Apply

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