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Is TRP affiliated with

No! TRP is in no way affiliated with

Can I edit or redo my application?2020-03-06T12:17:19-06:00

No, you will have to wait until your application is reviewed and either approved or denied.

Can I check the status of my application?2019-11-26T13:38:18-06:00

If you want to check the status of your application all you have to do is try to put another application in.

You will get the following error if your application is still pending or if you were whitelisted: “LOOKS LIKE YOU’VE ALREADY APPLIED FOR THIS SERVER. CHECK YOUR EMAIL PERIODICALLY TO SEE IF YOU’VE BEEN WHITELISTED.”

Remember to check your email for denials and approvals. Sometimes these can be picked up by the spam filter as well.

I can’t login!2019-11-17T19:03:34-06:00

If you’re unable to login please go to the #fan-general chat on our Discord and ask for assistance. A lot of members in the community are very helpful with issues.

You can also check the pins, or wait until an admin answers your question.

Can my application be denied?2019-11-11T17:40:30-06:00

Yes, we deny applications. If your application is denied you will receive an email with feedback as to why it was denied.

If you do receive a denial email you can put in a new application. Please read the feedback and use it before putting in a new application.

Is there a confirmation email to say that my application was received?2019-11-11T17:38:02-06:00

When you send in an application using our form, a message is displayed to you mentioned that you should keep an eye on your email for an approval message.

We do not send out confirmation email. We send out denial, and approval emails.

How long does it take for an application to be approved?2019-11-11T17:36:09-06:00

Sometimes applications are approved the day they are sent in. Sometimes it takes months.

We look at different things when approving people. If a game server is full for a certain time slot, then we will be looking at applications from a certain timezone.

If a server is completely full during all time slots then we will not be approving any applications until we see a drop in population. This is to ensure a healthy population at all times, and to prevent super massive queues.

We do whitelist people that have zero RP experience. Everyone has to start somewhere! However these applications typically have a lot of thought put in to them. Which leads me to the next point.

Please put some thought in to your application. If it’s one word, you’re probably not going to be whitelisted. We don’t expect a novel, we just expect effort since we put effort in to reviewing the applications.

Finally not all applications will be approved. Just because you put an application in for a game, does not mean it will be approved.

I was banned, now what?2019-11-11T18:04:04-06:00

Our ban process typically involves a person being banned on our servers. Once banned the Admin team will reach out to discuss the situation.

If your ban is found to be permanent we do have an appeal process. You can send in an appeal message by using our report form. Typically we ask that you wait at least one month before doing this.

I was approved but I didn’t get a Discord role!2019-11-11T17:28:03-06:00

If you received an approval email but didn’t get the Discord role this is because you used the wrong Discord account when you sent your application in.

You need to post in the #steam-64-ids-only channel on our Discord to receive further assistance.

How will I know if my application is approved?2019-11-11T18:03:46-06:00

If your application is approved you will receive an email from [email protected]. This email will include information on how to join the game server you applied to.

You will automagaically be given a role for whatever game you were approved to play on our Discord.

If you signed up using the wrong Discord account then you will not be given your role properly by our bot. At this point, and this point only you would then post in the #steam-64-ids-only channel on our Discord. Be sure to follow the instructions in that channel.

My username is already taken!2019-11-11T17:47:20-06:00

This just means that someone else has the same Steam username as you. Change your username on Steam and try again.

Still need help?

If these questions didn’t help you, please head over to our Discord and ask your question in the #fan-general channel.

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