Thrive in ’95 Character Roulette Challenge

The relaunch of the RedM server is upon us and we could NOT be more excited! It’s been a delight watching our characters and stories evolve over the past year, and an honor to witness the incredible conclusions so many of you delivered since the lore wipe was announced at our community meeting last month.

This relaunch is a HUGE milestone. We cannot shout out the relentless, 9 month effort from our Developer team enough. It’s been all hands on deck from our Community Manager, Ambassador, Community Support, Content Crew, and Tester teams these past few weeks as well. The behind-the-scenes hype is real (and tbh this week has been a little bit crunchy for some of us).

With this milestone comes an incredible opportunity for us as players and storytellers: the lore wipe. We know that for some of us role-players, saying goodbye to one narrative to start another can be daunting. Starting fresh can be scary! But we’re in this together folks! And we have every confidence that this is absolutely the best call for our community!

So, to mark this milestone achievement and to coax us out of our comfort zones, we’ve concocted the Thrive in ’95 Character Roulette Challenge (the working name, announced at the community meeting, didn’t stick for some reason). We’ll be challenging participants to create brand new never before seen characters, and donate to The Navajo Water Project.

Our goal is to dive face first into the opportunity for brand new stories, and to contribute to an amazing cause while we’re at it.

Everything you could possibly need to know to participate is outlined for you below. Can’t wait to meet your new characters!

Challenge Details

Start Date:

At relaunch 11/19/22 (pst)

End Date

11:59pm Jan 7 (PST)

Pledge Commitments:

  1. After relaunch, create a brand new, never before seen character.
  2. Use the Thrive in ’95 Character Roulette tool to generate two random traits for your new character.
  3. Play your Thrive in ’95 character for a minimum of 10 hours during the challenge.
  4. Provide a brief summary (50-200 words) of your character’s story in the Thrive in ’95 discord channel.
  5. [Optional] Donate $5.00 or more to the Navajo Water Project.
  6. [Optional] Participate in the Thrive in ’95 Streamathon to fundraise for the Navajo Water Project.


Gambler’s Double Action Revolver

Gambler’s Double Action Revolver

Granted to a single character (player’s choice) to participants who successfully complete 10 hours on their Thrive in ’95 character.

To win, players MUST:

  1. Pledge to participate!
  2. Follow instructions and post in the “New Kids on the Block” Thread.
  3. Update “New Kids on the Block” post with a brief summary (250 words max) of the character’s story at event conclusion.

Exotic Double Barrel Shotgun

Exotic Double Barrel Shotgun

Granted to a single character (player’s choice) to participants who donate $5 or more to the Navajo Water Project.

To win, players MUST:

  1. Pledge to participate! 
  2. Follow instructions and post in the “New Kids on the Block” Thread.
  3. Follow donation instructions and post screenshot in the “Donations” event thread.

Amazing Race

Amazing Race Date: RESCHEDULED to 12:01am Jan 7 -11:59pm Jan 8 (PST)

Amazing Race Signup Deadline: Noon pst 1/6/23

Broadcaster Instructions

The Amazing Race is a scavenger hunt style event. Instead of looking for things, participants will be doing things! The race will last 48 hours, and the broadcaster who gets closest to 95 points wins! Some broadcasters will also be fundraising for the Navajo Water Project during their streams, and will have game keys to give away!

Check out streams with “TRP | Amazing Race” in their title to watch!

Navajo Water Project

By Kaypocalypse | Curator and event organizer.

While considering a cause to champion donations for, I was focused on exploring options that serve Native Americans. I’ve observed that as a community, the portrayal of Native Americans in RDR2 and the experiences of Native Americans on the Western Frontier have been central and ongoing topics of discussion. We find ourselves seeking to explore the potential for self-expression, inclusivity, and creativity through role playing Native American characters. This is tempered by ongoing explorations of the damning repercussions US expansion into the West had on the Native people here. Our RP setting is rooted in that expansion effort. Fast forward to the present, and our reality is that we live in a world made possible by genocide. It’s a lot to grapple with.

The Navajo Water Project was immediately interesting to me because it serves families in New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona. New Austin is an amalgamation of the American Southwest, particularly NM, AZ, western Texas (read more). So when we’re role playing in New Austin, we’re roleplaying on Navajo land.

Diving into the information provided at navajowaterproject.com, there are some key details that really solidified the decision:

  • 100% of donations go directly to the project.
  • It’s Indigenous-led, registered as an official enterprise of the Navajo Nation.
  • The Home Water Systems off-grid, community-managed utility alternatives.
  • The project provides a critical, widespread need.
    • Navajo are 67 times more likely than other americans to live without running water.
    • 1 in 3 Navajo don’t have a sink or a toilet.
    • This lack of water access is an injustice.

I’m really excited to create new characters with the Thrive in ’95 event. I can’t wait to experience the emergent narratives made possible by starting fresh together. The roleplay experience in RDR2 is a beautiful hybrid of artistic, improvisational expression and gameplay. The map, game lore, and historical setting give us such a stunning, immersive platform and the outcome is RP unlike anything I’ve encountered before.

We have a really dope ass opportunity to consider the entanglement of our beautiful, immersive RP game, with the devastating legacy of the specific time and geographical setting we’re playing in. I think that’s sick.

Event Results

Participants: 90

Donators: 35

Winners: 28

Total Donations: $1649.66

Amazing Race Winners:

Gold: Bashzor (54 Points)


Silver: Matches Malone (46 Points)


Bronze: Pvthoneyham (45 Points)


Top Donators:

CaptainSplooie: $550
Paniekjonk: $110.00
lhrskyfall6: $110.00
Kardià of Rhodes: $110.00
KateMadison and Community: $125.00
Pvthoneyham and Community: $75

Roulette Challenge Winners

Player | Character

Pers | Devon Sykes
Mollypop | Saoirse O’Malley
Shammy | Thomas DuMont
Pvthoneyham | Seth Kelly
Beault | Bernard Harlow
Valor | Reed Adler
Mr. Music Hat | Howard Hew
Aussie_Au| Peyton Kelly
Whisper | Tender
Easty | Morgan Anson
Angel Dorran | James Hanlon
Crookiemonster | Ziggy Hellman
FoxAnn | Lillian Armstrong
Ewokfuzzynuttz | Abraham Bartlet
ÐEAX | Dacre Locke
Kardià of Rhodes | Helvetia Müller
Bashzor | TK
YayforShan | Carson “Ace” Douglas
Theflowerdame | Morgan Walker
Paniekjonk | Vera “Cat” Van Vickle
Kalrie | Morrigan “Spade” Bates
Zee | Trick
MatchesMalone | Aleister Blackwell
Flames_Yue | Fin Atlas
JohnFireBlast | “Lucky” Louis Leroux
Miohonda. | Ian Moore
KateMadison | Evelyn Jameson


$5 or more to Navajo Water Project

Kardià of Rhodes