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What if I broke a rule?2022-03-10T22:06:58-06:00

It happens! And most of the time, it’s accidental 🙂 Community Managers (CMs) will open a private Discord ticket with you to let you know the rule(s) broken. Depending on the impact the rule-break had on RP, whether it’s a recurring issue, and the number of rule breaks over a 90 day timespan, CMs will also inform you if you’re receiving feedback, a warning, or a suspension.

What happens when I file a player report?2022-03-10T22:06:58-06:00

All player reports are private, viewable only by the CM team, and are confidential (meaning that staff will not disclose to anyone that you filed anything). Reports involving harassment, racism, and other community safety concerns, are given priority and managed by the TRP Owners. You’ll be notified when the CM team begins their investigation, and informed of their findings before the ticket is closed.

Why do some players get permanently banned?2022-03-10T22:06:58-06:00

TRP’s goal is to create a safe, inclusive community. When Admin investigation identifies safety concerns like harassment or racism, or when we’ve documented extreme and/or ongoing disruptions to roleplay, we will sever ties in order to prevent further community harm.

What is TRP?2023-08-11T12:01:55-06:00

TRP started back in the fall of 2015 by a group of streamers that were wanting a safe place for them and others like them to create content. Since then it has evolved into so much more. Today it is owned by:






TRP is in no way affiliated with

How do Community Managers know I’ve broken a rule?2022-03-10T22:06:58-06:00

CMs have multiple data points available to investigate, and will review everything available before making a determination. These include Kill Logs, Server Join/Disconnect Logs, Scene Logs, past rule violations, player activity logs from the server, Twitch vods/clips, screen recordings, screenshots, and statements from involved players.

Is TRP affiliated with

No! TRP is in no way affiliated with

Does TRP have any public servers I can play on?2023-08-11T12:00:07-06:00

No, we are sorry, at this time we only run whitelisted servers.

Do I need to be a Streamer or Youtuber to play?2023-08-11T12:00:22-06:00

You do not, TRP is open to everyone!

Do I need to apply every wipe/season?2020-03-06T12:24:24-06:00

You do not, whitelists are carried over each server wipe.

How long does it take to be accepted?2020-03-06T12:23:52-06:00

There is no set time for how long it may take. Please keep your eyes on the Discord for any changes in whitelisting.

How do I know if I get accepted?2020-03-06T12:23:13-06:00

You will receive an email. You will also notice all the whitelisted rooms appear in the Discord. (as long as your Discord was connected properly)

Our deny button is operational so you will now receive a email either way. 

How do I apply to be whitelisted?2020-03-06T12:22:41-06:00

Click here to apply, alternatively, you can click the ‘apply’ button at the top of this page. From there you will see a drop-down where you can choose which game you would like to apply for.

What Servers/Games do you run?2020-03-06T12:22:10-06:00

You can see the full list of the games we’re currently providing on the application page.

I accidentally left the Discord how do I get my roles back?2020-03-06T12:21:16-06:00

There is a channel in the Discord #steam-64-ids There you will find a link that will assist you in finding your Steam ID. Once you post it in that channel the bot will assign you your role unless your discord wasn’t connected to your application properly. In that case just leave your ID (no matter what the bot tells you unless you put in Gabe’s id!) And an admin will check it for you.

Is there a Discord or Twitter for TRP?2023-08-16T23:21:07-06:00

Yes, you can join the Discord –

You can follow us on Twitter –



Any other questions please join our Discord and ask away!

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