Frontier Law Enforcement

Below is a list of all law enforcement present in our RedM Server!

Each Sheriff has the authority to hire 6 Deputies. The Deputy is responsible for enforcing federal and local law within the Sheriff’s jurisdiction.

  • Maintaining safety and encouraging prosperity within their town.
  • Arresting, jailing, and fining lawbreakers.
  • Receiving and processing bounties.
  • Informing new-comers of any town-specific laws.
  • Maintaining up-to-date criminal records.

A town-specific elected role responsible for enforcing federal law and establishing local laws to be enforced within their jurisdiction. Sheriffs can run with an Undersheriff who can help manage the department. Paid by the government and local taxes.

  • Hiring and managing deputies.
  • Maintaining safety and encouraging prosperity within their town.
  • Arresting, jailing, and fining lawbreakers.
  • Receiving and processing bounties.
  • Informing new-comers of any town-specific laws.
  • Maintaining up-to-date criminal records.
  • Set bounties for fugitives charged with minor felonies.
  • Oversee and pay their deputy.

Highly trained officers who pursue fugitives in all jurisdictions. This is an allowlisted role held to an additional set of rules. May form posse with Sheriffs, Deputies, or upstanding citizens to pursue particularly dangerous fugitives.

  • Pursue Bounties higher than $500.
  • Investigate Major Felony cases.
  • Support Sheriffs as requested.
  • Arrest, Jail, and Fine fugitives.
  • Maintain up-to-date criminal records.

How to Run for Sheriff

You will be responsible for maintaining the peace and upholding the law within the city limits of your jurisdiction. To this end, you can campaign with an Undersheriff who will co-manage your town. Once elected you can post bounties, define local ordinances, form posses, and generally choose your own path toward happy voters and re-election. Managing your deputies and sentencing bounty targets returned to your jurisdiction also falls to you. For full details about Sheriff’s duties see the Sheriff’s SOP.

Towns with Sheriff’s departments include Valentine, Strawberry, Rhodes, Tumbleweed, Armadillo, and Annesburg. 

NOTE: Blackwater elects a Mayor. The Mayor the appoints a Chief of Police and Deputy Chief of Police. Mayors apply via the same application as Sheriffs.

You’ll need to convince voters that you’re the person for the job! Are you a law and order candidate with former law enforcement experience to back your claim? Are you a successful entrepreneur promising increased prosperity and wealth? Is the current Sheriff a villainous thief while you happen to be an upstanding member of society?

Take time to think about why you matter to the town you want to run, and maybe even why that town matters to you.

Your application to run for sheriff will require 5 “signatures.” This means that you will need to speak with 5 characters in-game about your desired jurisdiction and platform. A verbal agreement to “sign” your petition to hold an election constitutes one signature. (Be sure to document the family and given names of each signee to ensure your application is accurate.)

IMPORTANT: 1 character per player can sign. Characters are limited to signing 1 petition per town each election. (In other words, Harriet Beaver can sign my petition to run in Valentine, as well as Willa Cassidy’s petition to run in Rhodes. Madam Beaver cannot however sign any additional petitions for candidates in either Valentine or Rhodes once signing mine and Ms. Cassidy’s. Harriet Beaver’s player may not use any other characters to sign petitions Beaver has already signed. After the election is held, she is once again free to sign petitions for any new candidates she wants.) 

You should now have all the info and RP groundwork needed to submit your petition to hold an election.

Once submitted, Admin will review your platform for feasibility (Is it possible either within the constraints of server mechanics and/or through RP to do the things you want to do?). Additionally, Admin will reach out to one or more of your signees to ensure they were aware of the verbal agreement they made with you.

Upon approval, you will be notified by Admin via Discord Ticket and the election process will begin! If the office of Sheriff is empty in your chosen jurisdiction and you are running unopposed, you will automatically win and be considered sworn in.

Note: There is an 8-week period between elections per town. Apps submitted before the announcement they are open will not be accepted. Once your app is approved and you are notified, you may begin campaigning!

Election Eligibility

Election eligibility for a given jurisdiction is announced 2 weeks prior to the end of the current Sheriff’s (or Mayor’s) term.

  • Application must be submitted during the application window when it’s announced. 
  • Sheriff terms are 8 weeks. 

Campaign Season

Once you’re application to run for Sheriff is approved, you can begin campaigning! 

  • A maximum of 3 candidates can campaign for election per cycle. 
    • First come first serve.
  • Election voting is generally scheduled the weekend following application review/approval. 

Town Hall Debate

The date, time, and place of the Town Hall Debate prior to the election will be determined by staff in coordination with candidates to accommodate their schedules. 

  • The debate will occur during the Campaign season. 
  • If candidates have no schedule overlap, individual Q&A events will be scheduled for each. 


Register to vote and get your ballots at the nearest Telegram Office. 

  • Must be registered in the jurisdiction where the election is taking place. 
    • Characters may register in a new jurisdiction once every 45 IRL days. 
  • Voting will always start on a Friday and be open at least 48 hours. 
  • Winner  will be announced 24-48 hours after voting closes.


If your character is knocked unconscious by another, you can choose to place a bounty on them after you respawn.

  • Bounties are placed at post offices, as marked on the map.​
  • After respawning, the most recent character to knock you unconscious will be listed on the bounty board.
  • You will determine the bounty amount. Be aware that the price will come from your pockets, not your bank.
  • Bounties placed by uncon’d civilians and NPC’s will be for “Mayhem” or “Assault” if processed by a lawmen, dependent on bounty amount. (See also Federal Laws)

If there’s a bounty out on you, you will be unable to access the bounty board.

If your character isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty, you can hunt down bounties placed by your fellow frontier folk and local law enforcement.

Note: Aspiring bounty hunters must be free of any bounties on their own heads.

Civilian Bounties:

  • Civilian bounties can be placed by lawmen, civilians who have been knocked unconscious by other civilians, and NPCs who witness a crime.
    • Bounty posters will include your first and last name.
    • Bounties placed by uncon’d civilians and NPC’s will be for “Mayhem” or “Assault” if processed by a lawmen, dependent on bounty amount. (See also Federal Laws)
  • After selecting an available Civilian bounty from the bounty board, the target’s last known location will be placed on the map for 30 minutes.
  • Captured bounty targets must be hog-tied and returned to the Sheriff’s Office you originally took out the bounty at.
    • If a Sheriff is on duty, you must return the target to them and they will pay you.
    • If no Sheriff is on duty, hog tie your bounty target and carry them up to the bounty board, where you’ll be able to turn them in. You will receive your reward and they will be jailed and fined automatically.

NPC Bounties:

  • There are 3 bounties available at each board every 3 hours.
  • The general location of NPC bounties will be marked on your map after the bounty is selected.
  • Seek out the target and either capture or kill. In either case, they must be returned to the same bounty board from which you selected the job.
    • Binoculars allow you to mark your bounty target.
    • Once close enough to the target, the bounty can be shared with your group via the player menu (L).
    • Bounties must be hog tied and carried up to the board in order to claim.
    • ​Returning a target alive returns full reward, dead returns about 60%.​
  • When in range of your bounty target, the bounty can be shared with nearby characters.
    • This allows all to see bounty target (to avoid accidentally killing) AND to turn the bounty in.
  • If killed while completing the bounty, you will be ineligible to turn it in.

If you’re wanted and you have the funds, you can pay off your bounty to avoid trouble with the law. 

Bounties can be paid off at the train station clerks.

  • Walk up to clerk and target by holding right mouse button
  • Follow onscreen prompt to select “pay bounty”
  • Select the bounty you want to pay
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