RedM Server Update #1

Alive and Kickin’

By Aric | RedM Server Technical Lead

Howdy all! A few days ago we announced our first update. Us devs have been working around the clock to make sure we get as many bugs fixed and kinks worked out for ya’ll to enjoy your experience on our server. We have had our fair share of bugs as well as growing pains with balancing the economy (Not a fun thing to do), but we hope this update stabilizes things a bit more as well as introduce some new features we had in our back pockets but weren’t able to finish before relaunch day. This update will be live at November 22, 2022 12:00 PM. PST

New Feature: Poker

Get some friends (or enemies for that matter) and play them at a poker table in 1 of 3 locations around the state. Up to 6 players per table! 


  • Valentine
  • Saint Denis
  • Blackwater
  • More to come!

New Feature: Dueling

Have an enemy and want to hash things out wild west style? Use our Left ALT interaction menu to request duels and see who has the fastest draw. This feature does not necessary mean that there won’t be repercussions for dueling someone. The law might still have an issue with this!

CM Note: Server rules (we’re looking at SR 2 folks!) and in-game federal laws apply! Legality may vary by Sheriff jurisdiction.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed experience gain when digging with a shovel.
  • Turned off switching characters until inventory load fix is pushed.
  • Fixed closing menu issues (Hopefully).
  • Fixed mission bounty issues, satchel should no longer work (This should also improve server stability issues).
  • Adjusted stables and add some horses.
  • Economy balancing changes to shops.
  • Fixed not being able to get on horse after healing.
  • Fixed locking player in stable shop menus.
  • Fixed using pipe for smoking.
  • Make canned foods require cooking.
  • Animal fat can now be bought and sold at butchers.
  • Also requires players to restock the store (Like apples).
  • Fixed aiming up when hitting hands up, hands up will only work if no gun in your hands.
  • Fixed disappearing fish when inventory is full, should drop it properly.
  • Blackjack price fix.
  • Fixed experience gain if you gain more experience than needed to max.
  • Fixed animation not running when mining.
  • Added more rocks.
  • Belgian horse description fix.
  • Nerf horse taming and make it a bit harder.
  • Fixed fish selling for correct prices.
    • (Fish are sold based on weight only, we plan for a more robust system in the future.)
  • Other changes and fixes.

Allowlisted players in the TRP Discord can get the most up to date announcements on development progress, server status, and TRP updates!

Notes on Crafting

Design intention and iteration plans for RDR on TRP’s custom crafting module.

By Hicks_206 | Curator and RedM Server Creative Lead

Howdy Y’all,

Writing to give you some insight into crafting and its iteration in the dev process.

Our original intent for crafting was a system similar to Minecraft, specifically how earlier on in Minecraft there was a good deal of experimentation (unless you used Google) by the players into what items in what combination crafted a specific thing.

While I still see a lot of cool possibilities for experimentation in patterns for future craftable items, observing the economy movement over the first two nights after relaunch has given me some cause for reflection.

The current craftable items across the crafting skills that we have for server relaunch is what we would consider our “core base” items that much of the economy and game loop depend on. We’ve discussed this, and arrived at the decision to implement Recipe Books in game that reveal what those base craftable item recipes are, to better assist not only the first time player but to also bolster the in game economy (Now that so many shops outside of Saint Denis are fully player operated!).

For future update recipes beyond the base line covered in the recipe books, experimentation will be called for! However we are confident that after moving through 5 levels of crafting in a given skill, players will be familiar enough with the type and formation of patterns that success through experimentation is much more likely.

We hope to have these recipe books in game very soon, in the mean time keep up the experimenting!

Crafting basic food at a public cooking station. Most recipes fail without the right equipment!

Lowest tier foods have simplistic recipes! Even the least skilled cooks can make these!

Highly skilled Blacksmiths can smelt small gold into big gold.