24 02, 2022

What’s New On GTA

2023-08-11T18:21:51-06:00February 24th, 2022|

WELCOME BACK TO GTA First off, we know the wipe was a lot time coming and keeping you in the dark during this time period wasn't what we wanted but now with our merge with The PRC out there, you can see we had to work on both simultaneously over the last few months. Thank you for your patience, lets get into the details of this wipe! WELCOME BACK TO GTA For best viewing experience browse on desktop First off, we know the wipe was a lot time

7 02, 2022

The PRC Joining TRP

2023-08-11T18:20:50-06:00February 7th, 2022|

THE PRC JOINING TRP Howdy Partners! Today is a huge day for TRP and The PRC. We are incredibly excited to announce a partnership between our already closely intertwined communities to better offer all of our players a host of quality CitizenFX RP options under the same roof. Both PRC and TRP, have put a major focus on placing RP First and making a conscious effort to make safe, collaborative spaces for community members to come together and tell stories. We'll be joining forces with Kaypocalypse and Hicks_206 coming aboard our ownership

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