Server-Side Vehicles & More!

Fingerguns, GTA’s Creative Development Lead, walks us through a primer on this immense update.

In 20 minutes, he barely scratches the surface!

Do you even Tech Report, Bro?

RedM Players NOTE: this information does not apply to the RDR server. 


You’ve found a bug and we want to fix it! Let’s make it so, Number 1(s)!

With any update, we anticipate an influx of bugs. QA simply can’t replicate every possible live-server condition! You can help the dev team fix these bugs by submitting a Tech Report!

To submit a Tech Report :

  • Write down your vehicle’s license plate (if related to tech report).
  • Grab your “client logs”
    • Go to your FiveM shortcut
    • Right click and select “Open File Location”
    • Go to FiveM Application Data/Logs
    • Select the log that matches the time on your tech report
  • Take a screen shot or record your issue if possible!
  • Click the “GTA Tech Report Button” in the #contact-supoprt Discord channel. 
  • Complete the form and click “Submit”
  • Add your screen shot(s) or recording to the newly opened support ticket. THANK YOU!
  • Give yourself a high five and a sweet treat. You earned it!

Community Retro Announcement

Fingerguns announces the release of the Rise and Grind update at the Community Retrospective on April 1, 2023.

Change Log

Consolidated 3 garage resources into 1

Vehicles are now tracked in the world and their stored garage (public, house or business)

Vehicle data all use statebags, ensuring clients always have the most up-to-date data

Vehicle entities are spawned and initially owned by the server

Added Vehicle class garage types: garages (land) wharfs (water), hangers and helipads (aircraft)

Centralised Blip control for garages

Dealership and Mech hub garage blips when on duty

Temporary vehicles: the ability to track any vehicle that isn’t player owned until the server restarts (work vehicles or local vehicles which have been marked for tow or lockpicked and hotwired)

Exploded states persist

Vehicle access persistence: give a key to someone and they will have it until it’s revoked

All vehicles have new handling meta and the top speeds and performance match their real world counterparts.

All cars have a 1.0 collision damage factor now (installing damage reduction parts can reduce this)

Vehicles have a hard capped top speed limit based on it’s real world counterpart (some cars can reach more than 200mph)

New flags were added to aid in reducing acceleration factors

Motorcycles still need handbrake and S key pressed to stop

Drift car overhaul (higher power output makes drifting seamless)

Vehicle upgrades are now managed in real-time. Damaging your vehicle will risk the chance of damaging your components as well.

Vehicle upgrades are applied on spawn, a driver entering the vehicle, damaging the vehicle, or installing components

New Upgrade Components added:

   Body Kits: weight reduction or damage reduction (rollcages)

   Steering Locks

   Electric engines

   Motorcycle engines

Turbo refactor due to R* implementation not adding anything beneficial to the vehicle performance

Turbos are now disabled for electric and motorcycle classes

Vehicles with components that were previously not on the deny list will have said components removed (motorcycles and electric vehicles will have car engines automatically removed)

Added missing types of OEM and removal components

Stock at vehicle parts stores is now consolidated and sells specific types of components ie: all car engines will be listed in one shop

Players no longer have to valet vehicles when components are installed or repairs are done

New component health display, no more vague messages and keeping track of component health

Mech Hub Garages are now the same as any other garage

LS Customs no longer damage your vehicle

LS Customs menu no longer freezes your vehicle position

Repairing a vehicle at a mech hub will now fix hotwired and exploded states

Vehicle HUD

Added an alternative display for electric vehicles

Electric vehicles no longer deplete fuel

New Phone App

With the world position being saved, your vehicle won’t move unless you or another player moves it. To help you remember where you left your car and don’t have a “Dude where’s my car?” moment, we have developed an app that displays a bunch of information.

All personal vehicles view

Current Org view

Search vehicle by make, model or numberplate

Vehicle Details:

   Engine Damage

   Body Damage



   Impound duration

   Track vehicle

   List upgrades


 You can now share or transfer ownership of a vehicle to an organization depending on if the org is registered or not. Registered organizations transfer the ownership of the vehicle to the organization, and non-registered organizations retain ownership of the original owner but allows them to take advantage of fleet options. Registered organizations require a vehicle dealer to remove the vehicle from an org.

New fleet management permissions

Add and manage rank access to vehicles 


Police will have a pre-seed fleet based on their current lore. Vehicles can be added to the fleet by acquiring a vehicle dealer and inviting them to the private dealership, but players can still purchase personal vehicles this way and the MSRP has been adjusted to a more realistic price.

Vehicles now save their selected livery

Added Police Maverick and Police Buzzard liveries for LSSD and SAMS

Police MDT

Vehicle view added: displays if the vehicle is owned by a registered organisation or player

Organisation view displays registered org data only

Investigations can now have organisations or vehicles attached to them and can be searched

Ability to release vehicles from garages and houses if they can locate the garage or house it’s in


With SSV comes some small quality-of-life changes to dealerships, you can now purchase vehicles for yourself along with sale types for organisations.

Public Air & Boat dealership locations

Emergency Dealerships (PD/EMS) are located in MRPD and Schultz General garages. You need to be invited while on duty as a dealer and given access by the departments to purchase from those locations

Subtle markers for the centre of showrooms

Organisation vehicle sales go directly to the organisation, not the player

Players are now able to select their preferred garage when taking a vehicle for the garage delivery

Dealership Garages are now the same as any other garage

When buying a registered org vehicle from a player you must select the player that is selling it

Fixed bug not being able to see dealership menus if you clocked on inside the polyzone


Garages in properties are now a shared entity. If you have key access to a property you can access the entire garage contents, sharing your house and vehicles!

Ability to store stolen player vehicles in the garage

Ability for players to lock pick into the garage

Police can now access the garage after breaching

Prohibit the ability for police to raid a property if the owner or a key holder isn’t online


With the server having the ability to track any local or player-owned vehicle, marked vehicles will no longer vanish from existence. Tow truck drivers will now be a critical role in getting vehicles to the impound.

Ability to transfer oversized vehicles on the Slam Truck

Fixed cancel job exploit switching your route

Fixed tow deliveries adding stock to the delivered scrap yard

Fixed vehicle boots not deleting correctly

Ability to unmark civ and tow driver vehicle marks, useful for when the vehicle doesn’t have to be transported to a scrap yard. 


Impound will no longer repair or respawn vehicles that exist in the world.

Vehicles come out the way they went in, e.g. an exploded vehicle being scrapped by a tow driver will still come out exploded

Exploded vehicles can only be fully repaired at a mech hub, utilize tow drivers to transport your vehicles

Impound can now be punitive, meaning police can impound your vehicle for a set duration

Impound costs are 2.5% of the vehicle MSRP or $10k depending on which is hit first


Fixed not having access to tow delivery stock

Fixed incorrectly implemented bonus nodes


Fuel prices have been increased

Changed prompt location for refuelling, now you can just look at the vehicle for the prompt

Due to state bag migration, fuel can be filled by anyone and not just the driver


You will now have to be within distance of the trunk to open it

Attempt at mitigating multiple people in trunks

Racing/Illegal component parts are now available, message Hao to find out where he is.

NPC state is now correctly synced

Stock is limited and can be used

Stock is delivered throughout the day

Fixed issues with him not replying to messages

The time he mentions in his reply is relative to how long he will be at that location

Be careful trying to steal his vehicles!