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2 04, 2023

GTA Rise and Grind Update

2023-04-02T20:13:15-06:00April 2nd, 2023|

Server-Side Vehicles & More! Fingerguns, GTA's Creative Development Lead, walks us through a primer on this immense update. In 20 minutes, he barely scratches the surface! Do you even Tech Report, Bro? RedM Players NOTE: this information does not apply to the RDR server.  TECH REPORTS You've found a bug and we want to fix it! Let's make it so, Number 1(s)! With any update, we anticipate an influx of bugs. QA simply can't replicate every possible live-server condition! You can help the dev team fix these bugs by submitting a

2 04, 2023

TRP Community Retrospective

2023-05-01T20:01:30-06:00April 2nd, 2023|

TRP Community Retrospective A review of TRP's obstacles and successes in 2022, with a glimpse at our goals/vision for 2023. Held April 1, 2023. Community Retro Frequently Asked Questions (Added: May 1, 2023) Following the conclusion of the Community Retrospective, we opened a Discord forum for player questions. We gave players two weeks, then closed that forum up so we could get into the nitty gritty of answering their questions. Team leadership and server owners coordinated to review and answer these questions, and compiled them into this very handy document. Big thanks to all

23 11, 2022

RedM Update #1: Alive and Kickin’

2022-11-24T13:53:12-06:00November 23rd, 2022|

RedM Server Update #1 Alive and Kickin' By Aric | RedM Server Technical Lead Howdy all! A few days ago we announced our first update. Us devs have been working around the clock to make sure we get as many bugs fixed and kinks worked out for ya'll to enjoy your experience on our server. We have had our fair share of bugs as well as growing pains with balancing the economy (Not a fun thing to do), but we hope this update stabilizes things a bit more as well as introduce some new features we

19 11, 2022

The Thrive in ’95 Character Roulette Challenge

2023-08-11T18:24:50-06:00November 19th, 2022|

Thrive in '95 Character Roulette Challenge The relaunch of the RedM server is upon us and we could NOT be more excited! It's been a delight watching our characters and stories evolve over the past year, and an honor to witness the incredible conclusions so many of you delivered since the lore wipe was announced at our community meeting last month. This relaunch is a HUGE milestone. We cannot shout out the relentless, 9 month effort from our Developer team enough. It's been all hands on deck from our Community Manager, Ambassador, Community Support, Content Crew, and Tester

4 11, 2022

RDR Relaunch FAQ

2022-11-04T22:42:27-06:00November 4th, 2022|

Last month we announced our plans for relaunch. Along with that announcement, we posted a very hype video previewing some new features, and we held a community meeting. After that community meeting, we opened a Discord channel for players to post questions. You had a lot of questions! From the viscous goo of those many posts, we have carefully distilled this bespoke FAQ. You might notice that of the many questions posted, most aren't answered in this FAQ. There's a reason! Every question was reviewed and discussed by the folks best suited to answer from

13 10, 2022

RDR Relaunch Announcement

2022-11-04T22:19:20-06:00October 13th, 2022|

Relaunch FAQ now available here. By Hicks_206 Howdy Y'all It's that time, it's finally that time. I'm here to talk to you all about the always pending, looming-over-us-all "Update" that the dev team has been cracking away on. The last time we spoke the majority of the work was built around enabling the character skill system, and ensuring we had a foundation to build upon. A great deal of additional work has been done since that last talk, and today I'd like to go over some of it with you. We've

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