Getting Started On REDM RP

UPDATED AS Of 03/10/2021

Welcome to the TRP RedMRP server! Please take a moment to look at the guide, if you have any questions feel free to ask in our Discord via the #rdr-support channel! We have an active Development team who release new content consistently and communicates directly to the community via the Discord channels listed below.

Be sure to read the #announcements, and #rdrpatchnotes sections on the Discord to stay up to date, have a great time!


First and foremost you must apply to be able to join our RedM server, click the “Apply.” button at the top the website to begin the process. During the waiting period you must familiarize yourself with our ruleset as all servers use varied guidelines for RedM Roleplay.

Once accepted make sure you are in the Discord to receive your role, if you did not receive it from the bot then please post your Steam 64ID in the Steam ID channel.

Creating Your First Character

Before entering the server, you will be given the option to select a character or create a new one. Players can create up to 10 characters. Selecting Create New will prompt you to choose a first and last name before continuing. You can change your name at City Hall in Saint Denis.

After naming your character, you can select their name in your load-in menu and join the server. This may take a few minutes, just relax until you’re fully loaded in. ​Once loaded into the creator, press the left or right arrow to select the figure you prefer. Note: this selection will affect which clothing options you have to choose from before entering the server.

Follow on-screen directions to make changes to your appearance including height, physique, facial features, and hair.Make sure to select an outfit in the clothing section before completing your character. Clothing can be purchased later at tailor shops for a fee.

When you’re happy with your appearance, select Complete. You will be spawned into St Denis with $100 in your wallet. Don’t spend it all in one place!

Keybinds & Chat Commands

TIP: All key binds are all rebindable in Settings > Key Bindings > FiveM

  • B - Open Inventory
  • N – Push to talk (edit push to talk setting in-game to change)
  • T - Open chat-box to use chat commands (/me, /report)
  • L -Player Menu (Identity, Give Money, Skills, Horse, Ask Open Satchel). Backspace to close
  • J - Open emote menu
  • L Alt / Mouse Scroll Click- Adjust VOIP Levels (Whisper, Normal, Yelling)
  • M -Map
  • F9 - Housing Menu (Unlock, Lock, Furniture)
  • U - Point
  • Q - Take cover
  • Z - Rag doll
  • i - Chair/bench/bed interaction list (Walk up to a chair and press i for list of possible interactions . Use i menu again when ready to end scenario.
  • G - Pet Horse
  • H - Whistle for Horse
  • Ctrl - Slow down horse
  • Ctrl + S - Back horse up
  • Shift - Sprint / horse speed up
  • /me [action] - indicates in-character action; displayed over character’s head.  EXAMPLE: /me tips hat
  • /scenes – leave scene clue or poster*. Follow UI (Distance indicates how far away the clue will be visible to players.) Also used to delete scenes (Use targeting bubble to hover over the scene you want to delete until “Delete” prompt displays)
    • To place a poster:
      • Submit artwork in an #poster-request. Max size: 565x800px File Type: .png
      • You’ll be provided with an image name to use once the image is implemented (usually by next server restart
  • /hijack ​- Toggles hijack on/off
    • On to hijack other players horse/vehicle (by default on login)
    •  Off to ride with other players without attacking and stealing their horse/carriage
  • /emotes – List emotes.
  • /e [emote name] – Initiate emote. EXAMPLE: /e sitground1
  • /e c – Cancel current emote.
  • /e handsup – raise hands above head.
  • /sentence – checks time left on jail sentence.
  • /hud – Toggle hud.
    • F8 “hud” – turn hud back on.
  • /reticle – Toggles reticle on/off. On to have reticle show when you aim. Off to have reticle only show for animals and NPCs. Toggle setting will be saved to your RedM client cache, clearing cache will reset setting.
  • /bug –  Opens up in-game bug report system
  • /players – Brings up player ID for 5 seconds above their head and yours. This can help in filing support tickets.
  • /dice [number of dice you want to roll] – Random dice roll appears above your character (this is until we can implement a gambling mechanic)
  • /mu – an accessibility tool to represent character speech
    • – /mu w – text presents a text box above the character labeled as whisper
    • – /mu s – say
    • – /mu t – talk
    • – /mu sh – shout
    • – /mu y – yell
  • /clearinteraction – ends whatever interaction or emote you are doing.
  • /move [value] (between 0.2 to 1.15) – Sets walking speed
  • /move clear – resets walking speed back to normal

  • /scene will bring up the context menu seen to your left. It will ask for the scene name, the color you wish for it to display as, the distance you'd see it from and the time it should last.A circle will appear which moves with your mouse that allows you to place the scene on the nearest surface. Seen below:

Learning The HUD

The [L] menu allows you to undertake most basic character functions.

On the left you can see the  [J] Emote Menu you can see the radial dial where you can access the emote options.

On the right we have the status indicators; the heart indicates health, the bolt indicating stamina, the fork indicating hunger, the water droplet indicating thirst, the bolt with a horse shoe indicating horse stamina, heart with horse shoe indicating horse health and the microphone indicating microphone volume.

When you open the Inventory [B] you can right click items to give an item to another player or drop on the ground.

Getting Your First Job

You can pick from a number of activities to engage in to make your way out on the frontier. Have a look below for some of our options!


  • To send a new telegram, select a recipient from your Mail Directory, or add a new listing. Then select “Send Telegram”
    • To add a new listing, be sure you have the recipient’s PO box (found on their ID).
    • Open the Post Office Menu at the mail clerk.
    • Select Post Office > Mail Directory > Add
    • Type “PO 12345” (use recipient’s PO number).
  • To read incoming telegrams select Post Office > Telegrams
    • Telegram body displays at the bottom of the Telegrams Menu
    • Replies can be sent directly to sender by pressing Enter


Horse Management

Allowlist Jobs

Many jobs require you to submit an in-character application.

We have a vast judicial system (As vast as you can get for the frontier) in which you can get the role of a assistant attorney general to a full fledged Marshal, there are many layers and jobs available in this field.

Apply Here

United States Marshal

The United States Marshal Service is the highest form of law enforcement in all the land. However the Marshal's service was spread thin in the frontier and we strive to keep that authenticity alive on the server, meaning recruitment is done sporadically and rewarded through IC interactions.
Openings for whitelisting may vary depending on what time zones are in need and current marshal numbers.
Apply Here
Apply Here

New Austin Ranger

The Red Dead equivalent of the Texas Rangers - doubling as both the states police force and standing army. The Rangers are frontiersman that are in tune with the treacherous and harsh environment they call home.
Openings for whitelisting may vary depending on what time zones are in need of staff.
Apply Here
Apply Here

Assistant Attorney General

The Attorney General's office deals with all major criminals including sophisticated criminal enterprises, murderers are any repeat offenders that push themselves towards long sentences.
Openings for whitelisting may vary depending on what time zones are in need of staff.
Apply Here

Sheriffs and Elections

Sheriffs are elected by the constituency of the location they decide to run in. Every character must select which jurisdiction they wish to register to vote at any telegram office. You can find more information on how to register for Sheriff elections by watching announcement channels, each position rotates once a month.


There are many properties available for purchase across the map. They are marked on your map (Click M to view), once purchased you have the ability to give and use keys to the premises.

More sought after locations are done by filling out a business request here.


Overtime you can accrued more skills by doing specific activities to gain XP in order to level up and unlock more abilities within the corresponding skills.

Illegal Activities

There are a few illegal activities to take part in such as grave robbing and PvP crime including robbery. There are more to come.

We won't ruin too much for you, get on the server and connect with the right people and dive straight into the criminal life on the Frontier.

It's time for you to start your journey.story.character.narrative.adventure.