Whether on staff, a die-hard daily player, or a casual dabbler, your engagement and participation in Discord and on server are huge contributions! Doing your best to tell stories together and follow the rules is really all it takes to have a significant positive impact. Here are some specific options you have in your tool belt if you want to go above and beyond!

  • Request Ambassador support: Open a ticket for your server, Select “Character Request,” then “Event or Story Support.”
  • File player reports when you encounter rule breaks.
    • GTA: Be sure to type /report into the chat box on server at time of issue in addition to filing a website report. 
    • RDR: Be sure to hit “Page Up” and take a screen shot of the displayed numbers at time of issue to include with your website report. 
  • Submit bug reports! 
    • GTA Tech Reports: Click “GTA Tech Report” and complete the form! 
    • RDR: At time of bug type /bug into chat box on server and complete the form.
  • Shoutout your fellow players when you have a great experience!
  • Lend a helping hand by sharing your knowledge of server resources and technical issues! 
  • Say “Yes! And…”   We use “Yes, and” as a basic improv starting point to help us collaborate in the heat of the moment. It looks like saying “YES” whenever someone comes to you with a proposal, a threat, a tall tale, an invitation,  a promise, “..AND” then adding to it.

Collaborate: Respond to and engage with the RP around you. If you encounter someone trying to do a bit, an event, a scam, a robbery, pitching an idea or an adventure, etc., go along with it! Take it upon yourself to accept the invitation to collaborate. Don’t ignore it or shut it down; get outside your comfort zone! Then ask yourself, “who is the entertaining?” If the answer is “Me! Hi! My group is winning it’s me,” change that and give others the opportunity to influence the scene’s outcome. You can take these basic principals – Yes! And, Collaboration – into Discord conversational spaces as well!