4 11, 2022

If I get shot in the head do I have to perma?

2022-11-04T21:47:13-06:00November 4th, 2022|

No. With the implementation of the new medical system, allowlisted doctor characters will have the ability to see exactly which region of your body was injured. Even without this, the gunshot wound will show right where you were hit to anyone who is present. There's lots of ways to get shot in the head or neck and not die. People do it every day! Your doctor will collaborate with you to guide you toward the outcome you deem appropriate. Although doctor's will also be given indication of the severity of your injury,  the seriousness of the wound is your decision as

4 11, 2022

Will you provide more specific details about the server features we saw in the Relaunch Showcase?

2022-11-04T21:30:23-06:00November 4th, 2022|

No. Our team of developers will be working on their to-do list right up to relaunch day. That means everything will be subject to change, expansion, and removal until the moment we go live. We made very intentional decisions about what to showcase, and what to discuss with you. You may find Y or N answers to some feature specific questions in the Community Meeting Questions Channel in Discord, however beyond that we have no additional information to provide. We're so excited to explore with you when the new server goes live!

4 11, 2022

Will the Reporter roll in Discord carry-over after the relaunch and lore wipe?

2022-11-04T21:24:43-06:00November 4th, 2022|

No. We have exciting new plans in the works for newspapers, including a deadline day and actual payouts for articles! There will be a teeny tiny application for getting the Reporter role in Discord to post in the news channels, and to get the IC paychecks. Keep an eye on Announcements for this application release and more info! That said, you CAN pursue journalism and start your own paper right off the bat without applying for the Reporter role. As a freelancer, there will be fewer perks, but you'll also have a stash of brownie points to show on your

4 11, 2022

Will Super Group Agreements carry over?

2022-11-04T21:18:41-06:00November 4th, 2022|

No. All previous Super Group Agreements will be dissolved upon relaunch. Luckily, Super Groups will be much more streamlined this time around! There will be no special agreements or contracts to work over. You'll get a channel in the Group Group Discord for your members where you'll have an open channel of communication with staff to request things like rule clarifications and scene placements, and to discuss questions about things like heist setups for criminals. Here's a general guide to when you should open a ticket for your group: Groups, Families or Enterprises (civilian or criminal) are limited to 16

4 11, 2022

Do we need to reapply for Super Character approval?

2022-11-04T21:06:03-06:00November 4th, 2022|

The only 'super characters' we will be allowing are serial killers, who will still need to open a ticket with staff so we can make sure proper counterplay and no force perma-ing is pushed. Lore based characters are no longer allowed. You can't be a long lost Braithewait, but you can still be from another prominent family of your own creation from the area if you so choose. Original characters only, folks!

4 11, 2022

Will player guides be updated?

2022-11-04T21:02:36-06:00November 4th, 2022|

Our teams have been working on guide updates for several weeks. Our goal is that all guides are fully up to date with need to know information to get started playing on the server. We do not intend that ALL information be available in guides, as many features were designed with RP discovery and interaction in mind. These updates will be live on twitchrp.com shortly after relaunch.

4 11, 2022

Will characters who met before the lore wipe be allowed to know each other afterward?

2022-11-04T20:55:22-06:00November 4th, 2022|

All server lore and history is to be considered non-existent. Your characters should be starting fresh, as though you are joining a brand new server for the first time. As is often the case, players may plan to meet up and pursue stories together - we have no intention of policing this. However, recreating groups of characters played by the same players, doing the same day-to-day activities, in the same places, with the same goals as groups that existed pre-wipe, will be heavily frowned upon and may be considered meta.

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