No. All previous Super Group Agreements will be dissolved upon relaunch.

Luckily, Super Groups will be much more streamlined this time around! There will be no special agreements or contracts to work over. You’ll get a channel in the Group Group Discord for your members where you’ll have an open channel of communication with staff to request things like rule clarifications and scene placements, and to discuss questions about things like heist setups for criminals.

Here’s a general guide to when you should open a ticket for your group:

Groups, Families or Enterprises (civilian or criminal) are limited to 16 people max. You must request to be Super Group in a Super Group Request Ticket and designate a representative to be in the Group Group discord.

3-7 members: we recommend being in the discord.
8-16 members: it is a requirement that a representative for your affiliation be in our group discord.

To Request a Super Group Agreement:

  • Open a Support TicketĀ 
  • From the Category dropdown, select Red Dead
  • From the Ticket Type dropdown select Character Request
  • From the Request Type dropdown select Super Group Request
  • Fill out the form completely and submit.
  • Community Managers will contact you when your request has been reviewed. (Watch for email notification.)