Howdy Partners!

Today is a huge day for TRP and The PRC. We are incredibly excited to announce a partnership between our already closely intertwined communities to better offer all of our players a host of quality CitizenFX RP options under the same roof.

Both PRC and TRP, have put a major focus on placing RP First and making a conscious effort to make safe, collaborative spaces for community members to come together and tell stories. We’ll be joining forces with Kaypocalypse and Hicks_206 coming aboard our ownership team.

It’s no secret that our communities have been closely intertwined since PRC‘s launch, with a number of current and former TRP admins serving as PRC Ambassadors. It’s safe to say, it was love at first sight.

There are a number of reasons to be excited (And nervous) about this partnership, so we decided to make a list below to help explain why we’ve decided to partner and what it means for you!

Call it a shotgun weddn’, the ol’Scarlett Dogs are up to no good again. Heard they stole Tony Rico’s meatballs, which put ’em on the Kellogg’s Cartel’s radar. The folks down in Blackwater are sayin’ they found some slick city folk from Liberty City who were mighty upset and turned some man’s mother into buttons. Word on the street is he ain’t been the same since, the Marshal’s service say he threw a bucket on his head and went on a murderin’ spree.

Keep an eye on this post as it will be updating with new info!

Burning Questions & Answers

Eventually the goal is to have a fully functioning¬†community, which means we want it to feel like a family. We’re going to try to make what we have currently work, but we are going to do what’s best to make the¬†entire community unified while having unique spaces tailored to our fully functioning RedM and FiveM servers.

We will be opening up applications for Red Dead RP within the next week to two weeks as we fully combine PRC and TRP’s back end infrastructure. We are also working on a new, cool application process that will help applicant quality and application turn around time immensely.

You can go to https://twitchrp.com/apply/ where you will apply for our freshly wiped allow list for our new season of GTA coming very soon.

TRP Team