6 08, 2021

Crime Doesn’t Pay.

2021-08-07T16:28:34-06:00August 6th, 2021|

Firearms will be reduced in price by doing this players can choose to spend less money in preparation for a heist if they feel confident enough they won’t be caught or they could choose the more expensive option and pay less in fines when using a weapon they purchased at an ammu-nation. Pay-out from different tiers of drugs will be revised to into a healthier space on the server.

6 08, 2021


2021-08-07T16:49:56-06:00August 6th, 2021|

Currently it takes a long time to cook and prepare food for stores and events, a new system will be added to cook in batches with reduced overall cooking times so you save yourself time and focus on the RP itself instead of hiding in your apartment void of RP Fridge in houses will be receiving an increase in storage as well as food items will be getting new weight amounts to match better with the corresponding food Store owners will be able to cook on location instead of their apartments

6 08, 2021


2021-08-07T16:30:30-06:00August 6th, 2021|

Cooldowns on scrapping will be reduced so more repair-kits will be in circulation so mechanics will have to spend less time/money on creating items for their businesses An idea we have been workshopping further down the line is; Repairing inside mechanic hubs should be a lot faster so it’s worth travelling the distance, using a repair-kit on the side of a road should take a lot longer and make it so it’s encouraged to go to mech hubs. Each chop is worth less at the new chop shop but the cooldown is significantly reduced between each scrap, more logical loot

6 08, 2021

Housing Prices

2021-08-07T14:04:36-06:00August 6th, 2021|

The cost of housing across all tiers (High, Med and Low) will be lowered to make properties much more attainable for people to earn by playing on the server, we have heard the feedback and realised there's a huge disparity in costs across the map with houses next door to each other in the same area having upwards of $100,000 difference for no reason Making houses affordable will not remove the huge money-sink since we have a vast array of furnishing options and adding onto this we will be raising the furniture caps on all property types More Low-Med apartment

6 08, 2021

Improvements to hobbies

2021-08-06T14:46:12-06:00August 6th, 2021|

Fishing will be a slow climb to get to be highly skilled in but you will unlock new fish to collect and be sold at the fishmongers or to cooks which can be used for new recipes with buffs. Hunters being rewarded by how they kill the animal will stop people just driving around hitting them with carts - so depending on how they kill it will change the type of loot that is dropped so better pay out for leather/meat.

6 08, 2021

Jobs and Welfare Cheques

2021-08-07T16:29:56-06:00August 6th, 2021|

We will be reviewing adding government subsidy payments to jobs which require you to roleplay to earn money (Non-police jobs now have a payout), this isn't to deter players from seeking out roleplay but to make the gaps in between the work seem less daunting, adding onto this, GoPostal will not be getting any additional “buffs” to payouts the other civ jobs will be instead matched to a closer level so there’s more variety to making money on the server compared to what it is now. Garbage will have a payment increase to compete with GoPostal as well as new

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