Let’s start by establishing a shared vocabulary! We like to avoid using terms like “Quality RP” or “Realistic RP” as descriptors of success or goals. We’ve instead opted to set goals based on verbiage we can more easily quantify. Specifically: authentic, collaborative, and lore friendly roleplay. 

  • Authentic RP isn’t necessarily realistic, but it is true to character, true to the time period and setting, and serves the purpose of collaborative story building. 
  • Collaborative RP is the practice of co-creating stories with others; this looks like all participants in a given scene are included in determining the scene’s direction and outcome. Rules like CR 1 and CR 4 against “win mentalities” and “powergaming” help us identify behaviors that aren’t collaborative. Collaborative also means inclusive and safe! CR 11 (against personal insults/attacks) and CR 16 (identifying restricted content) help us identify unsafe behaviors.
  • Lore Friendly means our RP is rooted in the setting/lore of the root game we’re playing. This might look like PD uniforms on the GTA server that look like the uniforms worn by IRL California state officers (Los Santos is based on Los Angeles!), and might sound like “telegram” “wagon” instead of “DM” or “vehicle” on the RDR server. 

With that shared vocabulary in mind, we strive to lead by example (Ambassadors are fundamental in this!) by being active on server and community spaces, swiftly and consistently address player reports, empower players with resources, and celebrate the great stuff! Behind the scenes, we’re collaborating on some fun events to help drive stories on server, workshops to co-learn and stretch our improv muscles, and pursuing ongoing anti-rasist/anti-bullying education with our leadership team.