Player Reports filed as “harassment” or which, on review, relate to Community Rules  11 and/or 16, are escalated to the top of our priority list. That does not inherently mean they are resolved first. It does mean that they’re reviewed by Lead CMs and server owners before action is determined. It also means that Lead CMs and server owners set aside any pending reports they’re working on to focus on the player safety related issues until they’re resolved. 

Our Lead CMs, in coordination with server owners, pursue ongoing co-learning to better recognize and address abusive behaviors and handle harassment reports.

Players who wish for added privacy may submit their harassment report with no detail, except to request ticket with server owners. Simply write “I’d like this to be reviewed by server owners,” in the report. A private Discord ticket will be opened with the reporting player and server owners as soon as possible.

When a decision is reached regarding the reported issue, the reporting player will be consulted on the action taken and the verbiage used with the reported player to ensure that a) no information that could identify the reporting player is provided to the offending player and b) the reporting player feels confident and safe continuing to participate in the TRP community.