Server pop can be a vicious cycle and there’s no simple solution. We’ll do what we can to provide consistent dev updates, host Ambassador curated events/encounters, and increase the presence of allowlisted roles like EMS and PD (GTA)/Marshals and Doctors (RDR). If boosting the server pop is a priority for you, here’s a few things you can do:

  • Invite your friends to play!  “Friendly Meta,” like arranging a time to get on the server with your friends, is not a rule break. Avoid scripting your plans, don’t continue OOC communication while on server, and don’t use information gained OOC to the benefit of your character IC – and you’re gtg! 
  • Attend an event!  Support the efforts of your fellow players, meet new characters, and socialize. The event channels can be considered IC knowledge, as long as you’re not using them to your advantage (e.g. planning an ambush with your criminal.)
  • Host an event!  Events are social hubs, ensuring new and old players alike have unique experiences and the opportunity to meet new characters!
  • Stream your RP! You don’t need to have hundreds of viewers for your stream to spread awareness to new players and inspire existing players to hop on.
  • Use #gta-general and #rdr-general to talk about RP stuff! Complaints about server pop are the number one deterrent for players considering logging in. Consider instead: collaborating on new character ideas, complimenting another player on their story telling, seeking new info about improv skills… the possibilities are endless.
  • Log in and see what happens! Sometimes, the best stories unfold with a few good RPers and some patience. Once the ball starts rolling, it’s tough to stop!