Season 15 is live! We’re back on The Island and anxiously awaiting the release of Tek Tier, currently scheduled for 21st December.

We’ve made a lot of notable changes so as always, read the rules and try not to get into trouble.

This Season’s Mods

You can subscribe to them all here

  • ecoTrees
  • eco in Wonderland
  • eco’s RP Decor
  • eco’s Tek Decor
  • TRP Currency
  • Reusable Parachute and Altimeter
  • eco’s Scorched Earth Decor
  • Advanced Rafts
  • Castles, Keeps and Forts Medieval Architecture
  • Cute Hair
  • Stealthic Custom Hairstyles
  • Extra ARK 2.0
  • Echo’s OCD Stacking Storage 2.1
  • GlassMetal

The paint mixer mod is no longer required because there’s one in an Eco mod.

Base and Dino Restrictions

  • The fun dino limit has been increased from 20 to 30. Hurrah! (Rule 41)
  • Farming dinos are: (Rule 41)
    • Ankylos (metal)
    • Beavers or mammoths (wood)
    • Doedicurus (stone)
    • Dung beetles (fertiliser)
    • Frogs (cementing paste) OR snails (cementing paste/organic polymer)
  • You are now allowed 1 main base location and 1 smaller base elsewhere. Don’t leave dozens of outposts littered about the place. (Rule 42)
  • Your tribe is allowed a maximum of 2 ships. (Rule 43)
  • Max dino level is 99.


There are significant changes to currency this season. We now have gold coins and silver coins, which can be used at the community centre and bank located where the river forks around 50,61.

  • Gold coins will be given out at events or left around the world. You can buy armour and weapons with gold coins.
  • Silver coins can be crafted at the bank by metal ingots. You can buy resources and skins with silver coins.
  • Gold coins can also be converted to silver coins at the bank.

Other things to note

  • Gather rates are significantly lower than last season
  • Large rafts and snappable redwoods have been removed.
  • Drop contents have been “carefully” hand-crafted but please let us know if anything seems untoward.
  • Anything above journeyman that you find in a drop should be discarded.
  • Fishing will not provide loot drops.
  • Turret damage has been halved.
  • There are no wild gigas, titanosaurs or allos.
  • There are no alpha dinosaurs.
  • There is a simultaneous wild dino wipe and server restart scheduled for 11am CST / 5pm GMT / 4am AEDT every day. Any dinos being tamed at that time will be deleted, so plan accordingly.
  • You may not build in or around the volcano crater. There is a community forge up there, or you could bring a portable smelting set-up.

Hope this helps! Contact your local community moderator or post in the Discord if you have questions.