Those of you who read the TRP Discord will know that the server will wipe this week. We will be on The Island, in preparation for Wildcard’s upcoming 253 patch. Tek Tier Phase 1 HYPE!

The wipe is scheduled for Friday 16th December at Noon CST. That’s 6pm GMT, 1pm EST and for our Australian friends, Saturday 17th December at 5am AEDT. That’s what they use in Canberra apparently.

For your convenience, you can look up the wipe time in your nearest major city here.

Our tech team will get the server up and running as soon as possible. This varies based on mods, testing and other factors so you can expect the server to open back up any time from a few minutes to a couple of hours after the wipe. Please give it at least 3 hours before you start to panic. If there are unexpected delays, we will post updates in the Discord #ark-announcements channel.

I’ll have more info on the server settings when the new season launches. Happy RP planning!