Are you ready to help build the future of the TRP Community? Apply today for one of these staff positions to help make your mark on TRP!

Applications are reviewed as needed. Selected candidates will be contacted by staff in TRP’s Player Discord.


Community Manager

The Community Manager Team’s primary role is to ensure TRP community and server rules are enforced so that our players have safe spaces to build community and tell amazing stories together.

In addition to rule enforcement, CMs manage in-game RP systems and allowlisted RP roles.

Our CMs are long-term community members with in-depth knowledge and experience with all TRP resources, systems, and roles. Their work is highly collaborative with all other staff teams.

CM Training takes 1-3 months and includes training as Community Support and Ambassador with pass/fail progress checks before beginning CM specific work.


  • Confident, collaborative problem solver.
  • Excellent communicator.
  • Responsible and organized.
  • Excited about the success of others.
  • Demonstrates excellent judgement and coachability.
  • Actively sets the example of collaborative, fun RP and community engagement.
  • Task completion without oversight.
  • Extremely aware and respectful of player privacy expectations and NDAs.


  • Former moderation or community management experience.
  • Experience with Discord permissions and bots.
  • Experience testing or modding.
  • Current TRP Staff member.


  • Review and resolve player reports.
  • Collaborate with Community Support to moderate Discord and allowlist new players.
  • Collaborate with Ambassadors to facilitate server events and address server RP needs.
  • Manage allowlisted player roles (serial killers, business owners, law, etc.)
  • Provide feedback and discourse when requested regarding server rules, RP systems, community health, etc.
  • Maintain in-depth and up to date knowledge of all player resources.
  • Manage your time, commitments, and wellbeing responsibly; pull your weight while remembering this isn’t your job! You’re a volunteer, and we’re in a marathon not a sprint.

Community Support

We’re looking for active players to help curate a safe and welcoming community focused on collaborative, fun RP.

Community Support works alongside Community Managers and Developers to help moderate discord, direct players to resources, and assist players with technical challenges on our servers.


  • Confident problem solver.
  • Excellent written communication.
  • Responsible and organized.
  • Excited about the success of others.
  • Actively plays on TRP and engages in TRP Discord discussions.
  • Demonstrates good judgement and coachability.


  • Former moderation or community management experience.
  • Experience using Discord bots.


  • Help players navigate resources in Discord and on
  • Help resolve Discord Support Tickets.
  • Review player allowlist applications.
  • Be an example of collaboration and kindness on and off server.
  • Communicate obstacles to team and leadership.
  • Manage your time responsibly; pull your weight while remembering this isn’t your job! You’re a volunteer, and we’re in a marathon not a sprint.

TRP Content Crew

The Content Crew is a new TRP team that will be responsible for projects like branding packs, seasonal logo updates, announcement trailers, social media posts, website content, developer requested icons, etc.

We’re looking for designers, artists, writers, editors, etc. who are engaged with our community and RP servers. You’ll be critical in communicating our stories to current and future players, and in cultivating our inclusive, collaborative environment.

If you have spare time and energy in this economy, smack “Apply” below to submit an app!


  • Receptive to feedback.
  • Responsive to direction.
  • Engaged in the TRP Community on server, in Discord, or both.
  • Task completion without oversight.
  • Respectful of NDAs.
  • Signed and submitted Contributor Agreement.


  • Experience with adobe suite or similar software for design, graphics, video editing, etc.
  • Experience with content creation for streaming and/or social media.
  • HTML/CSS/JS/syntax
  • Portfolio or examples of past work.


  • Maintain up to date information on roll-specific expectations and limitations.
  • Take 3 days off per week.
  • Follow through with tasks that are volunteered for.
  • Coordinate with team leadership to provide assets/create content.
  • Be responsive and engaged in team Discord channels.
  • Keep all information and discussion in staff discords confidential.
  • Seek opportunities to collaborate with and support TRP staff, players, and events.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance (QA) team is responsible for investigating bug reports to identify replication steps, and pull requests to discover bugs/exploits.

QA works in collaboration with Development to ensure the team’s vision is experienced by our players. QA also works alongside Community Support to help resolve tech support issues, identify bugs for testing, and direct players to resources in our Discord Support channels.


  • Finds delight in breaking stuff!
  • Active on TRP servers.
  • Basic knowledge of computers/programs.
  • Positive attitude and ability to work in a collaborative team environment.
  • Excited about the success of others.
  • Demonstrates good judgement.
  • Signed and submitted Contributor Agreement.


  • Experience with testing.
  • Self starter and ability to learn with little guidance.
  • Experience with Lua, C#, JS, HTML/CSS
  • Modding experience.


  • Keeping NDA knowledge confidential.
  • Identifying bugs and reproduction steps.
  • Test new features as they are developed.
  • Check for regressions.
  • Work beside the CS Team and Devs.


We need you! Are you a full stack developer? Are you a front end developer? Do you know how to edit 3D assets?

We’re looking to expand our RedM and FiveM teams as we adopt to a fleshed out development plan. Come help us plan our next steps and then help us take those steps afterwards!


  • Knowledge of either;
    • a scripting language (LUA, C#, JS) or
    • HTML/CSS or
    • 3D asset tools (Blender/3Ds Studio Max)
  • Self starter and ability to learn with little guidance.
  • Positive attitude and ability to work in a collaborative team environment.
  • Receptive to feedback; responsive to direction.
  • Active member of the TRP Community on server and/or in Discord.
  • Demonstrates good judgement.
  • Signed and submitted contributor agreement.


  • Knowledge of React JS or Vue JS frameworks.
  • Experience using Github.
  • FiveM or RedM development experience ++++


  • Help define our development plan.
  • Assign yourself tasks phase by phase of our development to help us push our plan to action.
  • Interface with lead testers to test your Pull Requests.
  • Document appropriately in Github.
  • Help action bug fixes documented by Lead Testers.
  • Maintain confidentiality of NDA information.
  • Manage your time responsibly; pull your weight while remembering this isn’t your job! You’re a volunteer, and we’re in a marathon not a sprint.

Stream Team

The TRP Stream Team is a newly formed group of community broadcasters who exemplify our community pillars: Safety, Inclusivity, Collaboration, Story, Fun, Friendship.

Join forces with fellow TRP content creators to amplify each other’s creativity as well as the community’s. The goal of the team is to showcase RP on TRP servers. We’ll be coordinating team events and collaboration opportunities to help build confidence, spark creativity, elevate stream quality, build viewership, and most importantly have more fun!

If you love creating Twitch content on TRP servers and are interested in collaborating with other streamers in the community, we would love to hear from you!


  • Actively plays on a TRP server (or servers).
  • Engages in TRP Community spaces.
  • Demonstrates clear understanding of TRP Community and Server Rules.
  • Demonstrates highly collaborative RP on server(s).
  • If applicant has rule violation notes, demonstrated willingness to engage with CMs respectfully in ticket(s), take responsibility for actions, and course correct/change behavior.
  • Demonstrates ability to positively represent the TRP Community on stream.
    • Avoids complaints about other players.
    • Files player reports off-stream when rule breaks are encountered.
      • Doesn’t break character or focus stream content on the encounter.
    • Actively moderates stream chat so that targeted negativity/hostility toward players is stopped.
  • Signed and submitted Contributor Agreement.


  • Willing to participate in team events.
  • Open to sharing knowledge to help teammates improve quality of streams.
  • Excited about teamwork.


  • Participation and collaboration as available.
  • Stream an average of once per week minimum.
  • Utilize TRP resources for support, bug reporting, and player reporting.
  • Strict adherence to Community Rules 11, 14, 15 and 16.


  • Queue Priority.
  • Discord role and private team channels for collaboration and networking.
  • Regular team meetings for strategy and support.
  • Feature in our weekly “Streamer Spotlight” (coming soon!)
  • Priority Ambassador support for RP events.
  • Priority CM support for on-server issues (e.g. getting stuck in the map).
  • Team-only streaming assets like overlays, panels, and alerts (use as desired).



The TRP Ambassadors are a unique team that helps facilitate stories/events for others with additional tools/resources at their disposal in order to do so. Ambassadors are players who exemplify community participation off-server and collaborative RP on server.

The collaboration and creativity infused onto our servers by the Ambassador team sets TRP apart from all other RP servers. Players can directly request assistance in placing scenes after crimes (Because sometimes you gotta get outta there! But you wanna give amazing counterplay!), placing props for events, spawning NPCs for stories, and more. Ambassadors routinely generate player missions, organize server events, and seek out opportunities to offer enhanced RP opportunities for player to take should they see fit.

This is a role that requires trust and recognition from our community to succeed. That’s why Ambassadors are hired on player recommendation, and we do not accept applications or self-recommendations.

Ready to recommend a fellow community member? Be sure to set aside plenty of time to peruse the form and respond with detail. We want your candidate to have the best opportunity possible to join our team!


  • Clear understanding of Rules/Guidelines and how they’re implemented.
  • Knowledge of available resources:
    • Guides
    • Known Issues
    • Patch Notes
    • RDR / GTA / Game Support Channels
    • In-game-support, admin-support, harassment, and other tickets (when to open)
  • Sets the example for discord conduct, streaming conduct, and RP quality.
  • Sets the example for handling conflict and rule violations both in discord
    and on server.
  • RPs on server at least 2x a week (Ambassador role may be removed after 4 weeks of inactivity).
  • Provides feedback on server updates, rule changes, etc. on admin request.


  • Utilize Ambassador menu to facilitate and enhance RP on the server
  • Develop stories/events (small or large) to promote collaborative RP
  • Respond to and facilitate Ambassador request tickets


  • Queue Priority.
  • Application referral code for priority review of trusted applicants. (Does not guarantee approval.)
  • Priority for Community Manager review/approval for super characters and groups. (Does not guarantee approval.)
  • Trusted with Ambassador Menu to facilitate RP for others, and to play officers in the Saint Denis Police Department.
  • Priority review of Law apps. (Does not guarantee approval.)