Welcome to TRP! The new home of RPFirst and TwitchRP. Please take a moment to look at the guide, if you have any questions feel free to ask in our discord! We have an active Development team who release new content consistently and communicates our vision in Discord. Be sure to read the #gta-announcements and #gta-changelog sections to stay up to date. Enjoy!


  • First and foremost you must apply to be able to join our GTA servers. As all our servers are whitelist only you will need to be accepted. Head to the website and hit “Apply.”
  • While you are there be sure to read the rules, also found on our website.
  • Once accepted make sure you are in the Discord to receive your role, if you did not receive it from the bot then please post your Steam 64ID in the Steam ID channel.
  • Teamspeak is not required to play on the server.
  • You must gather the server IP from the discord server to play on the server.


If it’s your first time connecting to the server in a while, please take note we underwent a large update and server wide wipe. Your stories remain in tact, your assets did not.


When joining the server, you will see a ped on screen holding a sign that says “Create New Character”. You can have up to 6 character slots on TwitchRP, with options for more on the way in the future. When highlighting the “Create New Character” ped, click enter and accept the prompt.

You will be brought to a passport, where you will fill out your character name, date of birth, height and gender. Once this is done, a menu will load where you can edit all aspects of your characters appearance. If for some reason you accidentally exit the menu – open the chat box with “T” and type “/skin”, this will reopen the character customization menu. Once you’ve customized your appearance, please click enter to save your progress. Clicking escape or back space will remove your progress and you will have to start over.

For custom ped models, you must be a member in good standing for a period of one month and apply through the Support –> Report Form on the website. Give a reason why you need custom ped access and the RP story for your character. WE WILL NOT APPROVE ANIMAL PED SKINS. PERIOD. If you are approved for custom ped access, you may type “/setPlayerModel modelname” and this will bring you to the skin menu with your chosen skin (if the name is correctly inputted). You may find all ped names here.


  • F1 – Access Phone (Make calls, send texts and use social media)
  • F3 – Job Interaction Menu (Jobs such as the police will use this menu to interact with a player)
  • F5 – Cycle backward through emotes
  • F6 – Play Selected Emote
  • F7 – Cycle forward through emotes
  • F9 – Cancel emote
  • G – Player Menu – You can access your inventory, skills and complete crimes such as drug selling in this menu
  • Z – Adjust your VOIP from Whisper -> Yelling
  • B – Put on your seatbelt when in a vehicle
  • N – Push to talk
  • I – inventory
  • DEL – Cancel progress bar, use this for most actions on the server.
  • T – Use the chatbox for commands and roleplay scenarios (/me)
  • U – Lock or unlock doors for vehicle
  • Y – Open trunk of car (Needs to be unlocked first)
  • H – Enter trunk of a car.Most of these


On your map, there will be a small green bag labelled “Job Center” where you can select what profession you want to pursue. This section is under construction

  • Garbage Job – a simple a garbage  job where you can pick up and dispose of garbage for money.
  • Delivery Job – a delivery job that, scales in pay as you become more experienced. This eventually leads into trucking and other specialties.
  • Mechanic – a job that is tied in heavily to crafting. You will have to better your skills to become a better mechanic, so that you can craft tier 2,3 and 4 upgrades. In addition you can tow and impound cars.
  • Car Dealer – The car dealer job, allows the dealer to get cars for 1/4 of the listed market price (If they reach a high enough level), starting out you should join a CAR LOT to immediately get your discount. This job also gives car dealers the opportunity as they get better at selling cars to gain lower tax rates for sales, meaning more profit off each car. Car Dealers also gain access to special skill based cars they can purchase, the higher their level increases.
  • State Trooper – The San Andreas State Police has many intuitive features for law enforcement, including a state of the art MDT, forensics and justice system. This a whitelist only job and is gated around many OOC requirements for consideration, including a minimum time commitment to stay active on the roster. You may apply here.
  • Lawyer – The lawyer job automatically receives legal aid money for each offender represented in the cells and is able to participate in our robust justice system, which includes the ability to file civil suits against the government. The lawyer job requires you pass the bar exam, you can write the bar exam here.
  • Paralegal – This is a subset of the lawyer job. Lawyers can hire paralegals to work directly under their licenses. This does not require passing the bar.
  • Realtor – This is an advanced subset of the lawyer job. Realtors are by application only, by bar certified lawyers. Realtors may not practice criminal law. Realtors are involved in our extensive housing system, which includes tax breaks on any sale so they are the go to for middle manning player home sales and are the only people that can buy/sell government owned properties to the public.
  • LSES
  • Doctor/Nurse
  • EMS 



  • /skills – Quick way to view your progression on skills
  • /roll jointname – Use this to roll joints from the product you have collected
  • /hack – Hack a nearby register or ATM to earn cash and XP (Datapad required)
  • /drill – Drill a bank door.
  • /pry – Pry a safe.
  • /skin – Change your skin for your model
  • /report – Report a rulebreak in your area. This tags all nearby people and puts them in your report. Use this in conjunction with a report on the website. Support – Report Form.
  • /duty – Allows you to clock on-duty as EMS & Police
  • /e [Emote Name] – cop, binoculars, cheer, drink, smoke, film plant, guard, hammer, hangout, hiker, statue, jog, lean, flex, camera, sit, sitchair, hoe, hoe2, pushups, situps, fish, impatient, mobile, diggit, sunbath, sunbath2, weld, yoga, kneel, crowdcontrol and investigate – Use WASD to break animation at any point

Emote Wheel

The emote wheel is an intuitive feature to quickly cycle through and activate emotes from our extensive emote catalog. The emote you have selected is shown in text at the top of your screen as you cycle through.

  • /ebind emotename – This binds an emote to your emote wheel, you can bind multiple.
  • /eclear – clears all emotes off your emote wheel.
  • /eremove emotename – This removes a specific emote from your emote wheel.
  • F5 – Cycle backward through emote selections.
  • F6 – Play selected emote.
  • F7 – Cycle forward through emote selections
  • F9 – Cancel emote.


Scenes are an intuitive and powerful feature that can build an RP Scene. You can place multiple scenes in an area that can act as notes, details about a crime, to leave evidence or breadcrumbs, a flyer to advertise business services or maybe simply build a narrative as someone walks into a room.

  • /scene textcolor text – This let’s you choose the color of the text for the scene and the text that will be shown. Once you click enter, you will be put into a placement mode where you can place the scene against a solid object. Click to place the scene or back space to cancel.
  • /scenedel range – This will scrub/delete scenes in a specified range. Using “1” for range, will delete scenes in a confined area, “3” would be a wider area more suitable for deleting multiple scenes.


  • You must disconnect from the game and rejoin the server.
  • Your server slot in the queue is reserved for 2 minutes after leaving.


This section is under construction Skills change depending on what you’re doing, each task alters your skill percentage. Doing the same task such as hacking over will increase your level making you more proficient Check your skills from the G menu or use the chat command

/skills Mechanical:

  • Tuning -Your ability to Upgrade your vehicle
  • Repair -How well you can repair vehicles and possibly your relationships


  • Chemistry – This skill opens up new chemistry crafting options
  • Hacking – Your ability to hack electronic devices around you.
  • Study of Math – Your ability to make calculations


  • Racketeering –dishonest and fraudulent business dealings.
  • Lock Picking – aptitude at unlocking things that are locked
  • Plundering – How well you can talk like a pirate
  • Hustling – How well you can run that game.
  • Drug Manufacture -How close you are to Walter White
  • Forgery – The ability to forge documents
  • Drug Trafficking – Aptitude at pushing drugs


  • Strength: Increasing strength allows Players to hold more Items in their Personal Inventory
  • Fitness: Increasing stamina allows the player to run for longer amounts of time
  • Toughness: Increases health, allowing player to be tougher
  • Mining: How efficiently you are able to mine


This section is under construction

  • Inventory – Opens UI to display items as well as how much cash you have on hand
  • Skills – View all your skills and exp levels to see how close you are to your next level up
  • Crime – Use during heists and illegal activities
    • Drugs (Menu used to deliver and sell drugs)
      • Schwag
      • Schwag Laced
      • Reggie
      • Reggie Laced
    • Tools (Used during heists to perform use of tools)
      • Hack
      • Drill
      • Pry
      • C4 Crime
  • Organization
    • More information coming soon
  • Player Options
    • Identification
  • Vehicle Controls
    • Unlock
    • Lock
    • Toggle Hood
    • Toggle Doors


This section is under construction All GTA vehicles, including DLC, available for purchase at Simeon’s.

  • Simeon’s: All personal vehicles are purchased here. Once bought, the vehicle will be accessible at Garage locations.
  • Personal Garage: Buying a home or apartment gives Players a garage by their property that only they can access.
  • Business Garage: Buying a business gives Players a garage by their property that only they can access.
  • Player Mechanics: Purchase tuning upgrades for your vehicles from mechanics
  • Vehicle Menu: Most interaction with your personal vehicle is done through this menu
  • Lock/Unlock Shortcut Key: “U”
  • Realistic Damage
  • Upgrades: Vehicle upgrades can be sold an applied by players


This section is under construction

  • Hobbies are designed to be an additional way to make money.
  • Hobbies are always available to everyone, no matter what Job you have chosen.
  • Some Hobbies require specific Skill levels to access all the content available.
  • Farming, Mining, Fishing and deliveries are all jobs that don’t require you to change at the city hall

Hobbies are a great way to meet people who are getting some extra cash


This section is under construction Some Illegal activities are NOT on the Map or Legend. This is intentional, RP to discover all the content that is available for Criminals.

  • Specific Crime Skill level required to unlock
  • Stealing Vehicles: Steal any car to hide, blend in, or move cargo discreetly.
  • Mugging: Hold up Players to take all the Money in their pockets.
    • Get creative! Find people who have large amounts of cash in their pockets.
  • Hacking: Hack Player’s bank accounts discreetly.
  • Robbing Stores: Outsmart PD to steal ingredients needed for other Illegal activities and dirty cash
  • Robbing/Hacking Businesses: Outsmart PD to steal small sums of dirty money or transfer hacked capital to your own business
  • Robbing Banks: Outsmart PD to steal large sums of dirty money
    • Recommended for Crews
  • Clothing Store: Thousands of clothing customization options, including masks, to hide and conceal your identity when needed.


This section is under construction The progression system in Criminal RP. Crime skill unlocks more content as you climb your way through the ranks of crime.

  • Running Weed is meant to be the second most quiet/subtle for of Criminal RP.
  • Get creative with Weed RP! Weed has the additional benefit of increasing health when smoked. Use this to your advantage if you run Weed. Example: Sell individual joints for more than what the Dealer will pay.
  • Remember; Skills matter! Get the most return on Weed by maxing out your Skills. Find out in game what each one does.
  • Store Robberies: These are the next step up in Criminal RP. There is an immediate risk since PD is alerted to the location. However, if you are able to get away then the risk is rewarded by increased payouts and an opening to Meth/Coke runs.
  • Bank Robberies are the next level of Criminal RP. Pulling these off is TOUGH. Coordination and teamwork are key in order for Criminals to pull these off successfully.
  • Heists are for the best Criminal crews in Los Santos. They require exploration and knowledge of the city to find the required items to start the Heist. In addition, they require planning and coordination to execute successfully. The rewards are exclusive items not found anywhere else in the city.
  • There are additional, smaller Criminal options: mugging, and hacking. Incorporate these into your RP to help build your criminal organization. Get creative with these options.


This section is under construction

  • Housing available through the realtor job, find someone who works in the housing department and get the paperwork signed to become a homeowner!


  • Meet up with a lawyer to get an organization license
  • Explore the Island to discover all the possibilities of organizations