Sometimes applications are approved the day they are sent in. Sometimes it takes months.

We look at different things when approving people. If a game server is full for a certain time slot, then we will be looking at applications from a certain timezone.

If a server is completely full during all time slots then we will not be approving any applications until we see a drop in population. This is to ensure a healthy population at all times, and to prevent super massive queues.

We do whitelist people that have zero RP experience. Everyone has to start somewhere! However these applications typically have a lot of thought put in to them. Which leads me to the next point.

Please put some thought in to your application. If it’s one word, you’re probably not going to be whitelisted. We don’t expect a novel, we just expect effort since we put effort in to reviewing the applications.

Finally not all applications will be approved. Just because you put an application in for a game, does not mean it will be approved.