Tales sing of a nation long ago known to mortals as Aeos, which was led by four powerful rulers united to protect the land from a wicked darkness which twisted the inhabitants’ minds and lulled them into a soulless stupor. These rulers’ power was gifted to each of them by their own gods, through the elements, and took on their respective aspects as the Inner Flame, the Inner Tide, the Inner Gale and the Inner Growth.

For generations, Aeos kept the coils of darkness at bay and the people lived in peace under their united strength. But it was not to last forever. On the night of the new moon, the scent of blood drifted upon the winds. A great shadow swallowed Aeos and one of its great leaders – the Jarl of the Inner Flame – was discovered slaughtered in the night.

As his blood pooled at the feet of the rulers, rage boiled in the hearts of his brethren and allegations of deceit rose within their minds, shattering the bonds of peace among them. The Inner Flame cut themselves away from the others, their fury boiling the rivers into streams of lava and into a new identity — the Divine Flame.

The Inner Tide, having seen the darkness in their hearts, took to the islands and sought guidance from their god, Leviathan. Amongst themselves they vowed to rely only on their own strength. Leading their people in trade and commerce upon the white shoals, they took on a new identity known as Moongarden.

The Inner Gale, having been the most loyal, could not stand their honor questioned. If they were to be cast as monsters, they decided they would act as such. They returned to the floating isles, mastering the sky and terrorising all of those to fall within their shadow. They named their new home the Empyrean Reach.

The Inner Growth, a mysterious band of people who found admiration in the chaos around them, knew their way of life would be challenged as the most culpable. Turning to the dark arts and seeking refuge in the swamps and redwoods. Relying on the wilds to survive, they developed into a cult known as the Children of Earthdawn.

These four, now separated by hate and grief, compete over the lands held together with the power of the crystals. Whose flag will you join?

Music: Adventure by Alexander Nakarada (www.serpentsoundstudios.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License