A Tale of Two Queens

ady Isabel sits in the field, the sun shines, it’s a beautiful day on the land today. In the distance farmers crops stretch towards the sky to catch all it can before the night chill creeps in. There’s the sound of a horn in the distance, it’s wail beckoning. Lady Isabel sets her sewing down and rises to find the source, slowly a figure appears on the hill an elf knight and he is on a majestic white horse, he persuades the lady to come for a ride with him. They ride through the woods to the Greenwood side, the knight slows the horse to a gallop and comes to a stop. He helps her down with a flourish that even a king would be jealous of. M’lady, he bows as he helps her to a close by stump. They sit and talk for a few of their families and where they come from, he builds them a small fire for its damp in the woods and puts a chill in the air. Isabel realises it’s getting late and requests he bring her back for her father will start to worry. He turns as quick as can grabbing her by the waist a bit too hard and she squeals “UNHAND ME!” she struggles to pull away but he’s too strong. He proclaims “this is the very spot I have taken the breath from seven kings daughters and you m’lady will be my eighth.” In that instant all innocence left Isabel and certain resolve came over her and she ever so calmly asked the knight “for if I shall die here, now, by your hand lest we have a bit of a rest. Sit down, lay your head upon my knee” As he does she starts to hum and sing a lullaby, soon the air is enchanted by her sweet voice and the knight has fallen into a deep sleep. Looking down at him she says aloud a promise “If seven kings daughters you have slain then lie you here, a husband to them all” with a new swiftness she grabs his knife from his belt and slits his throat.

ueen Isabel sits in her castle thinking of the horrible thing that brought her to where she is now. If not for her murdering a man would she have the steely persona to do the job that has been granted to her by the gods? For now there are stories coming in from the north of a Dwarven Princess, no one knows her name, the stories say she was in the mountains forced to solitude – for there could never be a dwarve queen. Her father couldn’t stand the thought of killing her so he ordered to have her brought to the mountains and set free. Much to his surprise he received a summons from her, once there he learns that she has been taken in by a witch who has been teaching her spells. The princess enchants him so he cannot leave. Weeks go by, then one night he discovers her hidden grimoires, after months of secretive study he manages to summon a troll to exact his revenge upon his spite ridden daughter – in the hopes of returning home to his mistress. After a furious arcane battle she kills the troll and then her cowering father. Now she has returned to their city to take her rightful place on the throne. She is said to be ruthless but fair. Isabel isn’t worried for she knows what its like to have your youth ripped from you without notice and forced to make it in the world. Any fool can see the similarities in how they came to be. The only question on her mind is will she meet her foe in this new found Queen or will the land find its happily ever after?