Read all of the rules carefully. Claiming ignorance of these rules is not allowed and will result in at least a 24-hour ban.

1 – Be respectful of others in the community; personal insults or verbal attacks outside of role-play (RP) are strictly prohibited!

2 – RP that violates the Twitch Terms of Service (ToS) and Rules of Conduct (RoC) is strictly prohibited:

3 – Any player caught harassing or bullying another player on the server, or outside of the server but in relation to their presence on the server, will be permanently removed and barred from the current and any future whitelists.

4 – Your first action in any disagreement should always be to try to RP it out. If that doesn’t work and you have a problem with another player, handle it privately, rather than having an open argument on the radio/in chat in the game or in a public forum like Discord or Twitch. If the player has broken a rule, file a report.

5 – Speaking poorly of others on streams, in chats, or elsewhere will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with someone, submit a report. You are representing TwitchRP when you’re on our servers.

6 – Do not message admins directly for general questions. We have a FAQ and a Help Center for reference also Discord channels (ie: #fan-general) where you can ask for assistance. You MAY message admins for issues you’d like kept private like giving personal info (email) or queries of a possible rule break where you worry the other party may see it in a general channel and attack you. To keep your anonymity you may then DM an admin for help.

7 – If an admin contacts you to discuss a timeout, the ban will not be lifted (regardless of its initial duration) until you have spoken to the admin. If an admin contacts you to discuss a rule break and you do not acknowledge the message with a response, you may be timed out until you do so.

8 – When you applied to TwitchRP, you signed up with Discord as part of the process. It’s required that you edit your nickname on the TwitchRP Discord server to “Steam Name You Applied With (Current Character Name)” so that it’s easier for people to contact you. Additionally, this will allow admins to find you quickly in the event a report is filed against you. If the admins are unable to contact you, we will have no other recourse than to take appropriate actions against you, as we will only have one side of the story. If your Steam name is the same as your character name, you must still follow this rule.

9 – You must stay in character at all times on TwitchRP servers. This means no going out-of-character (OOC) on the radio/in-game chats, as well. Message people on Steam, Discord, or other methods if you need to, but keep it all in-character (IC) when playing on TwitchRP.

10 – DO NOT broadcast music to the server using the internal VOIP unless agreed upon by all present parties.



AGE REQUIREMENT: TwitchRP uses ESRB ratings as a guide to age requirements for our servers. For DayZ you must be 18 years old to play.

1 – Your character is not allowed to be a child. They must be 18 or older.

2 – Do not glitch any elements of the games or use exploits.

  • This includes “loot cycling.” Loot Cycling is the practice of looting an item and throwing it on the ground, with the intent for it to recycle a spawn node. This is an RP server and in real life you wouldn’t throw things on the ground, hoping new things would appear 30 minutes later on the same shelf.

3 – NO ERP allowed on the server.

4 – It is required that you set your character name in the DayZ launcher parameters box. This will help the admins immensely.

5 – You are not allowed to play an active military character or military group. 

6 – There is an online group limit of 10. Meaning, you can only have 10 people in your settlement that are online at a time. This is to help server performance.

7 – Our server is rooted in reality, please make realistic characters.

8 – If you have a discord for your group, you may not have any in character (IC) channels, it is considered meta gaming. You must also have an admin inside of the discord at all times. Admins must have access to all channels. To get an admin to join your discord you may DM any DayZ admin a non-expirable link. 

9 – SERVER RESTARTS/CRASHES: You may not use a server restart or crash to gain advantage:

  • You may not use a server restart or crash to escape an RP situation you were in before the restart/crash. You must wait for the other players to reconnect, and then continue the RP.

10 – Do not grief others. Griefing is the act of intentionally angering or irritating another player with malicious intent. Example: Consistently stalking a player to force RP.


11 – MICROPHONES AND CHAT: A microphone is required to play on TwitchRP. If your mic breaks, find a reason your character is suddenly mute (a sore throat is a good reason to not log in!) and exit the situation as gracefully as you can.

12 – External communication is prohibited. You may never be in a voice call of any kind with a player while you are both on the server. 


When building you must keep at a distance from other groups. Too many groups/people in the same area will cause server issues. If an area is occupied by too many the last to arrive will be asked to move.

13 – Only build what is necessary. Keep your builds realistic and humble.

  • Try to use existing structures for your base
  • Huge builds may lag the server and cause an early wipe of the server

14 – Do not keep more than you need or makes sense for your character. 

  • Towns would have lots of guns for sale and trade, however a single survivor wouldn’t have more than a couple stashed away. 

15 – You must use all the space you block off with building, if you take a military camp don’t just block things off to control them. You need to actually use the space.

16 – All loot must be accessible via gates inside of bases, you may not store loot behind walls.

17 – Your base must always contain a gate to the outside on it.

18 – No unrealistic buildings.

  • Example: No sky bridges, Sky high bases, one way gates or using tents as walls.

19 – You may only have 3 gates in order to reach your loot. You may not stack gates on top of each other or in unrealistic ways. 

20 – Groups can only have one base. If you want to build somewhere else you must contact staff for approval. If you have a RP reason you may request in the Discord.

21 – Groups will now be limited to what they can have

  • 3 total tents (Can be any combination of car, military, or camping)
  • 1 Water barrel
  • 4 Barrels
  • 2 Helis
  • 3 cars – these cannot be used as storage units that just sit in your base to get around not having more tents. 
  • 2 wooden crates
  • 2 sea chests OR you can choose to have 3, if you choose 3 you cannot have any wooden crates.
    • Anything above these limits will be deleted without notice & any gear inside will be lost. If  you require more for an RP reason please reach out to staff to request an addition. 


Metagaming is the use of out-of-character (OOC) knowledge someone would have no in-character (IC) knowledge of. Stream sniping occurs when you have a player’s stream open and use the information you see there (whether to find, harass, spy on them, or otherwise interact).

22 – Stream sniping/stalking and metagaming IS NOT TOLERATED. Do not act on information obtained through any means other than direct RP:

  • You must keep the information you have learned via watching streams and reading discussions separate from your character’s knowledge.
  • You may not use in-game automated notifications (death messages and tribe/clan logs, etc.).

23 – Identifying players and/or structures through the use of their nameplate including but not limited to sniper scopes or binoculars, is considered insufficient RP and is prohibited.

24 – TERMINOLOGY: You may not skirt the OOC rule by saying things like:

  • in any games: referring to “the land of Discordia” or any other names for Discord, referring to the gods constantly, as in “the gods made him to go sleep permanently” when referring to a banned player, or “the gods can hear us,” etc.

This ruins immersion for everyone present and for viewers. If you need to say something to someone OOC, DM the person – don’t interrupt the RP. If someone else goes OOC, do not further compound the immersion break by going OOC yourself to tell them off or try to help them out. Just report the rule break and move on.

25 – If you decide to re-roll midseason, your new character may be associated with your previous character, but it cannot retain any knowledge from your previous character (memories, etc.). Not only is this meta, but it creates unfair relationships between your new character and those your old character had met.


Powergaming is the process of gaining an advantage in a RP scenario, either by using in-game mechanics or RP, to give the other players involved no opportunity to interact or defend themselves. It gives the other people involved in RP no option but to lose.

26 – Powergaming of any form is prohibited.

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Constantly speaking over players and not allowing them to speak or defend themselves.
  • Robbing Players without giving them an opportunity to speak or defend themselves.
  • Putting someone in a position and not allowing them to have a way out.
  • Forcing an action, beliefs or status on another player without their consent.


You may choose to remember your death and how it happened. 

27 – If you actively respawn during PvP that is perma’ing your character.

28 –  Characters cannot die on twitchRP, if you take fatal damage your character will be rendered unconscious but unable to die. The only way to trigger a death is to manually click respawn while unconscious, doing nothing and waiting will result in your character waking back up. You must roleplay your injuries appropriately. 

29 – If you are stuck in a death loop due to PVE you may respawn and run back to your body without perma’ing your character.

Note: When inspecting a player that is unconscious you will have the option to resuscitate, if you do not have this option the player is dead and you may treat that character as perma’d. This allows you the ability to instantly and seamlessly know when a character has “died”. 


30 – You must value your life and the lives of others. For example, do not attempt to draw a weapon while being held at gunpoint. You may not run at someone with a melee weapon if at gunpoint – you may only defend yourself at a realistic distance.

  • You must value your life and the lives of others (not at the detriment of your own).
  • If you have a gun to your head and you run away – this is a serious violation of this rule.
  • You must comply with reasonable demands if your life is under threat – by weapons or numbers.
  • There is a value of freedom – once physically attacked you have the right to defend yourself or run for safety.


31 – DO NOT log out in the middle of combat, i.e. combat logging.

32 – You may rob players for gear but you must always provide good roleplay. You may not do “speed” robberies and rob players as fast as possible. Provide a good scene and good roleplay to the person being robbed. 

33 – You cannot assault people without proper vocal role-play initiation that stems from you or your group in all situations.

  • Initiated role-play lasts for roughly 15 minutes before you must re-initiate.
  • You may never ignore hostile roleplay towards you, you must always respond verbally.

34 – You must always make your demands clear to the other party(s) and without question. They must hear you and understand your directions and be given plenty of time to follow them before you may take any deadly or lethal action against them. If you are not sure if they hear you, you are not allowed to take any lethal or deadly action against the other party(s)

35 – You may never KOS ( Kill on sight ) another player for any reason whatsoever. 

  • Danger Zones are an exception and still considered KOS Zones!

36 – If you wake up inside of your base to discover another player(s) inside of your base ( For any reason ) You may not shoot them on sight you must Initiate on them first.

37 – Any kind of mutilation or extreme torture roleplay has to be agreed apon OOC by both partys. 

  • You can use local chat to gain permission if you enter this kind of situation. An example would be “ / / Do you consent to Mutilation Roleplay or Torture Roleplay” 
  • “Exetreme Torture” Roleplay would be defined as, cutting a finger off etc etc. 
  • “Torture” could be defined as threatening to beat someone with a bat or shoot them in the foot.

38 – You may only take people hostage or captive for as long as you provide them with roleplay. The moment you need to leave them alone for 15 or more minutes you should resolve the situation.

39If someone points a gun at you, you may defend yourself using lethal or deadly actions. Only do it when it would make sense. You may not disregard the value of your life to kill someone Initiating on you.


  • Someone has a gun on you and puts it away, you could pull your weapon if you still have it or attempt to run/attack.


40 – Any base that does not have a raid clock can be raided at any time.

41 –You may only have 1 raid clock per base.

42 – When stealing a tent you must always do your best to not despawn valuable loot from inside of the tent. You may never drop high grade rifles on the ground or ammo for those guns on the ground to steal a tent, barrel or container for items.

43 – You may only boost off the back of one other person.  You may not use more than one person to boost over a structure. It’s realistic to think that your buddy might be able to provide a little bit of a boost, it is not realistic to make 5 man tall towers of survivors. 

44 – RAID NOTES: During a raid on someone’s base, you must leave a note for them to find. The note must provide an actual RP trail for the victim to follow, including a hint as to the real culprit. There should be no doubt from the recipient.

  • You are to leave your note as close to the gate you broke into as possible.
  • If you were witnessed (i.e. chased off or caught) by a third party, you ARE STILL REQUIRED to leave a note.

Your note must lead to some form of RP for the victim. If it is deemed an insufficient or poor note, or you’ve simply blamed someone random, the admin team reserves the right to deem your raid as a rule break.

Be aware that continuous raiding could lead to harassment. Be respectful of your fellow player and the time they put into the game. Role-play should always be a priority.

45 – Anything left unsecured (not behind your locked walls or doors) is subject to being looted at any time, a note is not required.

  • This includes the inventory’s of vehicles and helicopters.

46 – You are not allowed to steal vehicles or helicopters that are inside a compound unless it is within the defenders raid time.

47 – Raid clocks must not be used as a device to trap your enemies, do not set it up in an area with the intention of ganking other players for looking at it. The Raid Clocks purpose is not only to inform another player when they can attack but also see when the owning group is around or awake for roleplay.

48 – Raid clocks must be posted outside of the main gate, all players must have access to see it.

49 – Do not refer to the raid clock as a raid clock in character, it’s a message board or camp notice board.

50 – You may only change the timers on your raid clock once every 7 days unless admin approval. 

  • Do not rebuild your clock constantly to set new times.
  • The Raid Clock is to prevent offline raiding and to insure that you can only steal from another player when they’re awake.
  • Raiding another group should be considered an end game action, something you work towards not something you do instantly because they said some harsh words towards you.


51 – “Danger Zones” are areas on the map that you may kill on sight in. You do not have to kill on sight but you are allowed to in these specific zones. Reference the map below for information on our “KOS Zones”

52 – You may not shoot outside of a “Danger Zone” when inside of one.

53 – If you initiate on another player inside of the “Danger Zone” and you see them flee outside of it you may pursue them for up to 10 minutes. If you cannot positively ID the person as the person that was inside of the zone and you still shoot them this will be considered RDM. When in doubt, do not shoot.

54 – When inside of the Danger Zone you will notice a Red Icon in the bottom right of your screen, when near or close by the border of a danger zone you will see this Icon turn yellow. The Icon must be red before you can shoot anyone.

Raid clocks do NOT apply in danger zones! 

The admins have the final say in any situation, and all rules are subject to change. When the admins review a situation, more than one opinion is used.