In our largest expansion of an event, grab yourself a costume and explore the island in a light it has never been seen before but be warned you aren’t alone out there.

The newly decorated island has many new locations to check out, where are you going first?

Ride in style with six new limited time liveries for use as first responders

Changelog (10/22/21 – Update)

  • Decorations

    • The fog has descended back onto Grapeseed
    • Grapeseed corn maze has been set-up don’t get lost!
    • Vinewood has been transformed into ‘Spookwood’ with the hill sign updated
    • Many landmark locations have been decorated with Halloween d├ęcor
    • New hidden locations have been added around the map, go explore but be careful!
    • Over 40+ props available to decorate your houses
    • Formally known as Pillbox, Killbox has been decorated for the season with lights and wallpaper
    • The loop returns in the Grapeseed stunt ground – DO THE FULL 360. DO IT.
    • New character selector location
  • Tricks & Treats
    • Be warned the Pumpkins may look incising but some of them pack a punch!
    • 15 new Halloween treats available at the Event Store in Grapeseed (Look for the pink star on your pause menu)
    • Deer with ghostly appearances have been spotted around the countryside

    Outside the city limits you can never be too sure of what’s out there..

  • Vehicles

    • Police Cruisers have new themed liveries to deal out justice in style
    • Ambulances have new liveries available
    • New Halloween vehicle rotation (Coming this weekend)
  • Extras

    • New tinted pause menu map as well as the Grapeseed fog included
    • Hovering over character in character select is now orange with smoke if you wait long enough!
    • Halloween doorbell added to interiors just in time for trick or treaters