For a millennia mankind has feared the dark. Yet most don’t know why.

Is it the inability to see?

Is it the sense of unknowing of what lies just beyond the shadows?

Or is it simply that we’re afraid of what might be looking back at us?

At the end we came to learn the answer.

The forces of darkness rose and devoured the innocents leaving their blood to soak the streets

And their screams to echo out into the night.

All that we had known crumbled under the power of our new oppressors…

That’s why I must stop this tragedy from transpiring

I stole my way into the highest tower, and summoned forth a portal into the past.

A time before all this torment

A time of brittle peace. But one that still holds hope firmly in its grasp.

Where all manner of being existed in a growing society.

The humans and tieflings living together in the city of Duskhaven

The peaceful halflings with their flowered groves

The elves of the forest living as one with nature.

The tricky goblins and their knowledge of commerce

And the orcs. Strong warriors bound by oath and loyalty.

All hold their own strengths, and all must come together to face this evil.

And you…You who has been pulled from your home…wherever that may be…to this time and place…

Will you embrace the shadows? Or stand against them?

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